Lassie: Well of Love

Lassie: Well of Love

In this touching drama a disparate group of people rally together to save a dog that has fallen into a deep well.

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Lassie: Well of Love torrent reviews

Dan H (es) wrote: Good little story, pretty well acted.

wild willie n (jp) wrote: sometimes i pay attention to reviews, sometimes not. Well it took one review of this on i think DVDTALK and i was moderately interested. Well i should know better. Sick Girl is utter shit in every sense. I'm gonna probably make this sound pretty decent but this is what goes on here: beating up and pissing on a nun, bashing bratty kids in the head with shovels, forcing punk bully kids to kill each other, castration...then using the severed appendage to rape a girl...axes to the head and suicide. Sound alright eh?? Well AVOID!! And now i can't get the lame ending credits song out of my head. Its on a par with the tune in DON"T GO IN THE WOODS casio brilliance. Stay away from this shit and watch a mean spirited flick like HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK instead.

Earl H (nl) wrote: Wesley Snipes just before he got lost in D movie hell

Pat H (kr) wrote: As batty as a battered bat being battered with a bat shaped cricket bat. Only to be watched in special circumstances (i.e. you have taken extreme amounts of drugs and you can't reach the remote)

Ryan M (nl) wrote: Starting off my annual month of Horror films a few weeks early, Jef Tiger watched this little flick from the '70's. Given a title like "Blood Mania" you'll expect maybe blood or mania to be a predominate feature...but no. You get 90 minutes of uninteresting characters engaging in uninteresting dialogue finding themselves in rather mind-blowing insipid dilemmas that have little to no interest to the viewer. Best to stay away from this one.

Tom H (it) wrote: The Ziegfeld Follies were a middlebrow imitation of real burlesque and vaudeville, and this film tribute is even more middlebrow, and uneven. Best segment is Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly's dance-off (Astaire FTW). Worst: pretty much all the comedy except Red Skelton's.