Last Breath

Last Breath

A husband and wife, whose marriage is built on shifting sand, find themselves imprisoned by a sadistic killer - forced to make choices that will ultimately determine their family's survival or demise.

A husband and wife, whose marriage is built on shifting sand, find themselves imprisoned by a sadistic killer - forced to make choices that will ultimately determine their family's survival or demise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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iris t (ru) wrote: When I watched this movie, I was excited because Nick Carter was in it. I didn't think that it would have been too scary. I was wrong. The story line is excellent and I love the ending. You wonder what happened to Claus. I loved the entire thing!! It was EXCELLENT

Tyler R (it) wrote: It was ok. The overall plot of the movie was very average and the movie did nothing unique. The movie was very well cast and the acting was very good but the actors didn't have have much to do.

Callie M (ca) wrote: I don't know why people don't like this one. It is a great popcorn movie, action sci fi that is fun and star to gorgeous actors.

Gaspar O (jp) wrote: This starts off so bad that it almost begs you to stop/eject/frisbee. If you wait it out a bit, it gets slightly better for a while, then it actually gets watchable. At the end, my buddy and I were both hoping for a sequel. This is what I personally categorize as bad horror. It's a direct-to-DVD zombie film with a budget at just over a million dollars. While I still consider it bad horror, I thought it was pretty good bad horror. Is it three stars compared to other mainstream films I've given three? No, probably not, but for what it is, it's definitely three stars in my book. Vampires with mad cow disease indeed.

James C (br) wrote: Now this horror/thriller was a nice little surprise that i had never heard of. The movie stars the VERY lovely Rachel Nichols (no, not the sports commentator) as a business woman who is the last to leave work from her office building on Christmas Eve. It doesnt take long to find out that the antagonist is a very lonely and obsessive security guard who has manipulated something special for Angela as she attempts to leave for the evening. While the plot isnt anything new to the genre its very well executed and the characters do a great job (especially Nichols) and come across very believable. The ending left a little more to be desired but was still good enough to get a high score from me. Very entertaining and had some really good tense moments so i recommend this to anyone who can view it.8/10

Jimmy P (jp) wrote: Not really Godard's best at all, nut I get his idea, hust didnt work i think.

HungYa L (us) wrote: If you have seen Trading Places, you would know Coming to America is a rather amusing follow-up on the combination of the director, john Landis, and Eddie Murphy.

Private U (mx) wrote: The movie earns the three star rating due to Warren Oates peformance which grounds the film. Although, not a lot seems to happen during the film seeing it through Oates' character makes movie appear more transcendent than it actually is. The fight scenes definitely grab the viewer's attention each time they appear since it's fairly obvious that actual chickens were used. In all it's is a somewhat interesting look at a demographic that doesn't have many films to represent it. Give it a try if it's a slow day.

Anthony D (kr) wrote: All the mutually-mated and mutated blue blood of the courts of Europe must have curdled into a brain-stunting stew long before 1760, so its fitting that Von Sternberg's vision of the Russian dynasty is so damaged and deranged, importing fresh Prussian genes (Dietrich as Catherine) to arrest the degenerative slide. Sam Jaffe's Grand Duke Peter (later, briefly, the Emperor Peter III) is Harpo Marx cross bred with Tiny Tim on the Island of Dr Moreau. Marlene Dietrich's Catherine, after an initial doe-eyed turn as an innocent, is an automaton of desire, arousing with one hand, castrating with the other, at once a vixen and a shrew shot through gauze and candles by a permanently stimulated lens. At its (wordless) best, a feast of ragingly intemperate psycho-sexual and psycho-historical motifs in a wobbly frame.

Steve D (it) wrote: first time I saw Keira Knightley! so I rate it high on that alone