Last Embrace

Last Embrace

Secret agent Harry Hannan suffers a mental breakdown when a botched mission in Mexico results in the death of his wife. He is sent to a mental asylum, after which he eventually returns to work. But, once again, he begins to doubt his sanity when he receives a bizarre death threat written in Hebrew. Not knowing which of his colleagues wants to kill him, Hannan teams up with pretty young college student Ellie Fabian to attempt to unravel the mystery.

Last Embrace (1979) is a mystery, romance, thriller film by director Jonathan Demme. The content is the story of Harry. He breaks down and loses his job after his wife is assassinated - could it be his turn next ? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jilla M (ag) wrote: Monumentally bizarre and weird. But understandably weird.

rachel s (gb) wrote: The true story of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas

Matt R (jp) wrote: Politics cloud the fun usually inherent in killer animal movies.

Shirley H (kr) wrote: There's a poetic sensibility here not often attempted on film; all that it wants to say can be too fragile to carry across. I'm happy Minghella made this movie.

Bradley P (it) wrote: John Barrowman makes this movie watchable(To some extent) while the acting in general is sub-par and the story is ludicrous, the man eating shark movies never seemed so bad that they were good when comparing it to this beauty of a film. Whad'ya say I take you home and watch this movie? (this is an edited version of probably one of the most inane lines ever recorded in cinema)

Scott B (ca) wrote: rosie in leather is so wrong

Laurent D (fr) wrote: genial, un film bien trippant.a voir !Les textes sont vraiment beaux, et alors graphiquement, j'ai ador les jeux de mirroirs

Joe C (jp) wrote: This type of romantic comedy is ;timess' when performed by experts like Doris Day , Rock Hudson, and Tony Randall. Screwball, maybe? Farcical? Probably Timeless? Most definitely.

Lucresia S (br) wrote: What makes old movies a pleasure to watch in this modern age of CGI sfx and blood-pumping non-stop scares and action in movies? It's because old movies make up for their technical shortcomings with an engaging & intelligent plot, a good script, solid acting, and well-planned shots/photography. Add in a touch of vintage cinematography, physical effects, and musical score -- and we're in for a fun ride.Curse of the Demon has all that.The story itself is really simple. There's this murderous cult leader trying to save his ass... A skeptical psychologist, a man of science, trying to expose the cult leader as a fraud, and who refuses to believe in the paranormal despite of the curious events happening around him... the leading lady who's accused of being hysterical for trying to solve the mystery regarding her uncle's death and also to save Holden from being Karswell's next victim... There's also Mrs. Karswell, an adorable, motherly character who just wants to right her son's wrongdoings.... oh and yeah, there's a demon too. :) Despite the simple plot, the script was well-written, and the story has this mysterious aura that keeps you focused all throughout your viewing experience. The cast played their characters really well, especially MacGinnis as Karswell. Dana Andrews as the skeptical "man of science" is also entertaining to watch, with every scoff and snide comments towards anything pointing to supernatural causes.Photography and the camera shots are superb. The manipulation of dark and light was played very well, resulting to an eerie and tense setting and atmosphere. The use of long dark hallways and creepy musical score, Holden in a dark room using a match to look for a book, the hand on the staircase banister with that sound effects, the cat - no matter how cliched it is still scared the crap out of me, the smoke effects, the wind/storm... it just worked fabulously! The demon, while it may have been terrifying during that time, looks cheesy now... a mixed breed of a grotesque Statue of Liberty with a dog or goat genes and a bit of mold.... I've read that Tourneur and Andrews were against the idea of showing the demon, but Hal E. Chester (producer) insisted on including it. Those laughable close-up shots of the demon cheapened the movie a bit, but over all, it's easily forgivable because everything else was great. The demon shot at the film's conclusion was nice though :)

Troy K (nl) wrote: It is a very powerful movie, but it just didn't hit home with me.