Last Exit to Earth

Last Exit to Earth

It is the year 2500 and women are sent back in time to kidnap men to help repopulate the future.

Sci-fi drama directed by Katt Shea. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Last Exit to Earth torrent reviews

Kacky B (ca) wrote: You will not get disappointed

Leena L (it) wrote: Beautiful scenery, youthful angst and relationships. Bonus: Lars Mikkelsen as the suffering father. Worthy of the time for the sea shores alone!

Aaron P (ag) wrote: Cheesy but super fun, moderately exciting, clean for kids. Loved the visual design of the sets, absolutely beautiful looking movie. Not without fault, but genuinely a fun family movie.

John A (ca) wrote: Entertaining & Well-Made Sequel To Category 6, Category 7 Takes Place Just A Few Short Months After The Previous Mini-Series. This Time The Storm Reaches A Category 7 The Most Deadliest Storm Yet, Just Like The Previous One Though Two Storms Collide Over One City This Time It's Washington DC. Predictable But Enjoyable TV Thriller.

ro r (us) wrote: i loe this movie but cant find it at the stores.........

Shaun B (jp) wrote: It's mostly Swingers 2, but with Vince Vaughn typical character has been switched on to eleven. Not a bad comedy and it'll depend on how much you find Vaughn to be funny or annoying. Jon Favreau has steady directing skills and plays the straight guy once again to Vince's clown.

Rachael H (fr) wrote: Growing up Aussie in the 1970s - beach, boys and beer. Perfectly captures the mood of the times and the spirit of the novel. The end, triumphant.