Last I Heard

Last I Heard

Released from federal prison after 20 years due to his ailing health, a formerly powerful New York mobster moves back home and attempts to reconnect with former life in this poignant Sopranos-esque character study.

Recently released from prison, an ex-mafia boss tries not to fall into his old habits, but surviving outside of the mafia is harder than it seems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Crow S (es) wrote: Shockingly awful.This is easily the worst film I've seen since Home. Absolutely terrible.

Prateek G (us) wrote: Exotica is a story about some disparate people whose lives are interconnected through a common source . i.e. the strip club EXOTICA .. Mind you, this is not some cheap strip club which just caters to the needs of testosterone charged men, rather its a place for special people with special needs as implied by the club owner Zoe (Arsinee). What those special needs are - well mainly - desperation. The story concerns three major characters. Francis (Bruce Greenwood)- a mournful auditor , Christina (Mia Kirshner) - A dancer in Exotica and Eric(Elias Koteas) - the DJ at club. Christina dances in a school girl's costume in the club. Francis is her regular customer. He spends lots of money for Christina to dance privately for him, but he's not interested in Christina for her sex quotient. Eric, is the club DJ and ex lover of Christina. He is jealous of other men watching Christina dance for them. He also has contractual agreement to impregnate Zoe (the club owner). There are other characters too who are not the protagonists in this movie you can say, but their characters coincide with these people's lives and reveal some complicated secrets. There is Tracey (Sarah Polley, 15 yrs old), who is asked by Francis to baby-sit his daughter while he visits the club. There is Thomas (Don Mckellar), who is the owener of an exotic pet store and a smuggler of rare pets. Francis is auditing him. PHEW!!! If you look at the plot of the movie, there is nothing mysterious in it. The story is simple, but its the presentation that elevates it to astronomical heights. The story is almost always presented in a circular manner with lots n lots of flashbacks used to reveal the mysteries behind these troubled characters. You don't get annoyed, rather you start to enjoy these flashbacks so much as the time progresses, because these repetitive flashbacks of the same situation always bring something new and interesting with them which helps in understanding the characters better. Lots of strange characters in the film and yet they are interconnected in such a way that by the time the truth is revealed, your perception will change about each n every character no matter how you perceived them at the start. Of the performances, Bruce Greenwood is excellent. Arsinee Khanjian is lovable. She doesn't seem lonely, but she is one of the loneliest characters in the movie. But for me, Mia Kirshner's performance stood out. She is beautiful, seductive, painful performer yet courageous and gets your attention from the moment she steps in. The music is awesome. "" This is film which RESPECTS the human nature in every possible way."" Probably the best thing to describe this was the ending, as nothing is solved at the end. Every character is doing what he / she was doing earlier. Its the audience whose views have changed as they start looking at the characters with greater respect and emotions. I'm a sucker for the films which focus on extreme sides of human nature, and this film really made my day. All I can say at the end is that this is just hypnotic storytelling and that too at its very best. This is truly Atom Egoyan's masterpiece.

Nicholas R (fr) wrote: The film tries to throw a lot of ideas from Yip-Man's legend into the mix but ultimately fails to convey anything that's lucid. Sure the martial arts sequences are really well done but they simply don't justify having to subject yourself to acting this bad you'd think you were watching an Ed Wood Film. Supporting characters who really have no business taking up any amount of screen time are treated to torturous amounts of it, a fact that isn't helped by a plot that's so by the numbers and so filled with cliche's you may find yourself puking into a bucket half the time. This "film" is an insult to all of the brilliant works to come from China in their past, a kick to the groin for any fan of Bruce Lee, Yip-Man, or good taste, and is overall a terrible flick. Please do yourself a favor and just watch The Chinese Connection instead already. On a bright note this film still is way better than Dragon Ball Evolution and the worst film of all time, Shaolin Soccer 2.

Rory M (de) wrote: Not unwatchable, Seagal can do revenge well sometimes! Although contrary to what Eddie Griffin says at the end of the film,this shit was certainly not "gangsta"

Scott E (au) wrote: this movie is the definition of shit.

Nick O (jp) wrote: Like Andrew Dominik's "Chopper", "Pusher" has all the dressings of a noted filmmaker's work. It's just how it's packaged: done up with small-time hoods and hookers, pornography, violence, neon nightclubs, despicable characters; it's so scummy an underworld -- that seedy, druggy playground Nicolas Winding Refn oh so loves to explore -- that "Pusher" seems appropriately out of its element whenever it enters the law and societal artifice of the real world; for one thing, there's SUN. It's not as polished as Refn's later works, but "Pusher" is a damn fine crime film, debut or otherwise. And the look of the thing is so home-made (nice for "cheap", which is nice for "shitty") you feel each passing time interval heroin pusher Frank (Kim Bodnia) asks of drug lord Milo (Zlatko Buric) in paying off his debt like a meter either depleted or temporarily nourished. Povl Kristian and Peter Peter's score wafts through the condemnable tracksuit urbanity like a heartless wind of change.

Pavan R (de) wrote: Pretty good story though I wasn't impressed with the ending bit I guess you can't do netter with this type of concept..good performances esp Gere...

Robert F (kr) wrote: One the most coonveluted and headache indusing movies I have ever seen

Roman R (fr) wrote: "3 Women", del gran Robert Altman, contiene un poder indescriptible que se manifiesta casi desde sus primeras escenas. Aun cuando Altman retrata lo mundano, existe un aire de misterio involucrando a sus protagonistas (en especial con el personaje de Pinky quien se obsesiona con Millie, aunque toda su vida sea una pose y nadie mas la quiera). La cinta se torna surreal y sus ultimas escenas nos brindan un significado aun mas abstracto de su relacion (y aun no he mencionado a la tercera mujer Willie, una artista embarazada que vive casi en eterno silencio). "3 Women" es una extraordinaria pelcula que funge casi como un sueo en el cine. Con estupendas actuaciones y personajes inolvidables, es otro clasico de Robert Altman. Sumamente recomendable.

Eric J (es) wrote: Excellent whodunit film. Ustinov and an all-star cast shine superbly in a fairly recent production in the classic filmmaking style. Wonderful dialogue and poignant flashbacks keep the story moving.

Mark J (kr) wrote: Great movie except for the fact that almost the entirety of the plot is terrible.3-3.5/5