Last Knights

Last Knights

When an evil emperor executes their leader, his band of knights – bound by duty and honour – embarks on a journey of vengeance that will not come to an end until they've destroyed their mortal foe.

Last Knights is an American genre adventure film directed by Kazuaki Kiriya and scripted by Michael Konyves, Dove Sussman. The film had a medieval fantasy background. The spectator would be followed the journey of a group of militants trying best to revenge for their master under the control of an evil emperor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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joosh m (gb) wrote: if you have played lego batman 2 you will really enjoy this film

John D (ag) wrote: One of the top 3 of Pixar's best... And that's really saying something. Don't believe me? Check them out on Wikipedia.

melanie p (mx) wrote: i wanna see thins movie...hehe

Jessica G (br) wrote: The movie looks very good, because they have nailed the cars, costumes, surroundings etc to the time this movie takes place.But on the other hand, the actors aren't very good, the story is weird and I don't think the characters were reacting realistically.*** SPOILER WARNING ***So we have a loving couple, don't remember her name so I'll call her Carla. She and John lives happily ever after until he is called to fight in a war. He and his buddy crashes their planes and he is pronounced "missing in action". Two years later, the other guy shows up in a shop and tells Carla that John is alive.But when she finds John, he suffers from amnesia and dosen't remember her at all.The plot is interesting, but there's nothing in this movie to keep you interested.Never ever does Carla actually TRY to make him remember, because some psycho doctor keeps telling her and her dad that if they tell John the truth, he will become completely nuts. (huh?)Why I don't know, but Carla basically shuts up about it and never slips a comment about the truth.John, who's name is now Tommy, is dating a woman who has a daughter, but the relationship is just casual.So nothing really happens. Then wham, he remembers stuff, they get back together and that's it. A shame really, it looked as if the movie had a lot of heart to bring.

Lisa B (fr) wrote: Absolutely loved it, and loved the message it had too. Life truly is about the journey, not about what's waiting at the finish line. Blink to quickly and you'll find that life has already passed you by.

Jakub C (gb) wrote: have something which can't explain and still love this movie

Rosco B (au) wrote: Not content with revolutionizing one horror staple: almost a decade on from 'Night of the Living Dead', George Romero tackles the vampire myth in his own, idiosyncratic way. The beaming red blood splattered across his movies often disguises a sharp, socio-political sensibility and a keen eye for compositional style, and 'Martin' is a personal favourite of the director. Ferociously and admirably independent, Romero shunned any attempts at breaking into Hollywood, choosing to film in his native Pittsburgh; the drab industrial surroundings of which give 'Martin' a great deal of its gritty atmosphere. After the commercial failure of 'The Crazies' and 'Season of the Witch' (both 1973), the production of 'Martin' was almost shut down. Romero dug his heels in for the sake of his backers. His integrity was rewarded as 'Dawn of The Dead' hit big the same year, and served to pay off his debtors. The story concerns the titular teen - who suspects himself to be a vampire - moving to Pittsburgh to stay with his uncle. The uncle turns, Tateh Cuda, is a suspicious, strict Catholic with whom he regularly clashes. John Amplas' Martin is a fascinating creation, a shy, credibly troubled teen imbued with a good deal of pathos. So impressed was Romero with an Amplas stage performance he re-wrote his entire character (Martin was initially much older) to fit him in to the production. Lincoln Maazel as his uncle provides a good foil, generally treating Martin like an olde worlde vampire in the time-honoured tradition (including pestering him with garlic) and taunting him with the legend "Nosferatu!" 'Martin' also sparks several comparisons of the protagonist's vampiric state to drug addiction, long before the notion became an overbaked horror clich. His frantic use of hypodermic needles before claiming his victims and his hapless stumbling upon a drug dealer's lair serve to embellish this thought. Indeed, as the Police conduct a brutal, heavy-handed raid on said drug den, Romero suggests that the (possibly) supernatural horror of Martin's actions is nothing compared to the everyday horrors of reality. Whereas 'Night of the Living Dead' was concerned with issues of society (with hints of race) and 'Dawn of the Dead' expands this to target the effect of modern consumerism, 'Martin' tackles existentialism and the outsider (as Martin struggles to integrate into his new surroundings) and thinks outside of the box on matters of faith. In inviting sympathy with the modern atheist (Martin) over the aging, traditionalist zealot (Cuda), Romero turns the usual horror configurations upside down. A scene where Martin breaks up his uncle's anti-vampire paraphernalia, laughs him down and bluntly states "There is no magic" is bracing and evocative of this argument. Romero also nods to the history of the cinema vampire in interludes depicting Martin (in historical attire) chased by an angry, torch-waving mob. These scenes are displayed in black and white and apparently, the original cut was entirely monochrome and nearly three hours long. Romero leaves it to the viewer to decide whether these visions are flashbacks, or mere fantasies from Martin's subconscious. The grim and realistic special effects are from regular Romero cohort and former Vietnam combat photographer Tom Savini, who also has a supporting role. Unglamourized and unsettling - and really rather thoughtful - I'd love to see what the awkward Martin would make of today's asinine 'Twilight' teen vampires. Romero's film also highlights the difficulties inherent in putting on a pair of Converse while in an immense hurry.

STCENTERPRISE (gb) wrote: Great Action & musical score. Love the jazz/ pop sound to the Beverly Hills Cop theme. It's the best film out of the 3 they made. They cussed too much though throughout this film.This one has a lot of memorable lines, scenes, and music. This is a film I can watch many times but I prefer to see it on T.V. With it's censorship. The car chase at the beginning was very cool to watch. The villains were well done in the acting. And we all love seeing how much of a con man Axel is at the hotel as well as the police departments in Detroit and Beverly Hills. Axel's beat up car was also a funny joke throughout this film. I like the way this film is shot and the cuts are done.

Alison M (jp) wrote: I gave this movie 4,5 cuz it ends very strange

AW C (kr) wrote: Wes Anderson's greatest achievement: a film that recaptures the magic of youth and maturity.

Shane S (us) wrote: This is a great story filled with humor, adventure, and decent 3D effects.

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Not as good as the first but a good story and the fact that they got the original cast back after 9 years for a straight to dvd sequel was pretty impressive, Just as dark and gritty but no real plot and the film does sway at times, But still better than I thought the film would be.

Lee M (br) wrote: Between a 7/10 and 8/10, the structure can be episodic at times but the strength of Sunset Song is in its cumulative power. It reveals a soulful outlook that, like the cherished land, endures. Like Davies' best work, the movie employs classical rigor - perfectly symmetrical, painterly landscapes and interiors - with unexpected postmodern touches.