Last of the Living

Last of the Living

A contagious virus is turning everyone into zombies, and the only hope for survival lies in the hands of three couch potatoes.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spoof,   blood,   cure,  

A contagious virus is turning everyone into zombies, and the only hope for survival lies in the hands of three couch potatoes. When they stumble upon a scientist who claims to have a cure, the three of them decide to help save mankind whilst trying to each win her affections. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth L (us) wrote: the best movie about creating a dictionary that i've ever seen :)

Joe M (au) wrote: Good but a bit plodding doppelgnger story. Turner and the rest of the cast give solid performances but the suspense never quite builds up.

AnnJean P (jp) wrote: one of my new favourite films.

AD O (jp) wrote: the more uncomfortable i am after watching a flick, the better.

Fernando C (kr) wrote: somehow, I really enjoy this kind of films, had so much fun watching this one..... only if the giant spiders would have been more realistic I would give another star to it

Gordon R (de) wrote: Recruits save the city that's under siege, duh.

Private U (ru) wrote: The same year Francis Ford Coppola released 'One From the Heart', he also presented 'The Escape Artist', a fantasy about magic co-written by Melissa Matheson, who wrote 'E.T.', and directed by cinematographer Caleb Deschanel (the father of actress Zooey Deschanel) from a book by David Wagoner. The story centers around Danny Masters (Griffin O'Neal, the son of Ryan O'Neal) who wants to be an escape artist, just like his father (Harry Anderson), who was second only to Houdini. Then, everything goes awry when he pickpockets the wallet of the mayor's son Stu (Raul Julia), which had important things in it belonging to his father, who is the corrupt mayor (Desi Arnez). Soon, he is mixed up in business he shouldn't be in, but he begins to find out what really happened to his father and who he can really trust in the world. It might not sound interesting, but it is worth a look nonetheless. The best thing about this movie, besides most of the performances, is the music score by Georges Delerue (who composed the music for 'A Little Romance' and 'Joe Versus The Volcano'), which is so beauttiful that I wouldn't be surprised as the movie was ending to find you hunmming it. That's how good it is. It's an interesting undiscovered gem that is wonderful to watch. Give it a try.

Ivy K (kr) wrote: Well, petty distractions turned watching this movie into an 8 hour extravaganza of rewinding and replaying, but it delivered despite how I watched it. Woody Allen makes me feel better about life. Always. I love his masterful delivery of moving art, I love his storytelling, I love his depth, I love that I can always relate to him and like him no matter what horrible things people are doing to each other in the movie, and I love that he gives that perspective to acknowledge that people are just people and are going to be fallible but can still be beautiful and loveable and worthy full fledged humans, flaws and all. I loved the movie in its entirety, but as always with me it comes down to the ending being what makes or breaks a movie, and this ending was beautiful. When I'm at my lowest, multiple Woody Allen movies have reminded me that life is still worthwhile, and I'm glad this was one of those. I needed it. It's weird when someone speaks to your soul and you know you'll never get the opportunity to thank them.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Typically overwrought Tennessee Williams drama about Southern matriarch Katherine Hepburn trying to bully doctor Montgomery Clift into lobotomizing niece Liz Taylor in order to hide family secrets, which are insinuated to include incest, homosexuality and cannibalism. I'm really not sure I'd consider this high art, but as compelling melodrama it's brilliant! I still think "The Fugitive Kind" remains my favorite Williams screen adaptation though.

Gregory W (nl) wrote: year s/b 1946 not 2007

Brandon S (gb) wrote: Being unfaithful to its source material, yet still being able to retrieve itself from the pit most horror sequels fall in - Invisible Agent is a horror movie without the horror. It can be a comedy movie, but Invisible Agent doesn't accept the romantic comedy fracture that is sometimes goes into. The agent falls in love with another woman, of course his is invisible, which freaks her out at first. Invisible Agent poses no threat to the horror genre though, because the film swerves into another lane near the end of the film. It becomes a mix between Schindler's List, No Country for Old Men, and Hollow Man. Schindler's List due to the fact it takes place during WWII. No Country for Old Men has to do with the agent's continuous and dangerous journey. And of course, Hollow Man style since he is invisible. But that's not why I chose Hollow Man as the film's tone. The film's character, the agent, doesn't go on a killing spree, but he does have to murder some people to make things run smoothly. So it can be considered a horror film, if you imply drama, comedy, and action into the same little word of horror.

Blake P (de) wrote: "High Sierra" is a action-packed, fun gangster flick that should be rated higher today. I am the biggest Humphrey Bogart fan, and I knew that I really needed the to see this. Though he had found success in "The Petrified Forest" in 1936, he was mostly praised by critics, but to audiences he was just another character actor. This is the movie that is considered to be the one that made him a star. He does a fantastic job here, and this is definitely one of his best tough-guy roles. You see him as one of those "back-and-forth" characters, a brute when he's planning a heist, but a big softie when he's around a crippled girl portrayed by Joan Leslie. He does a fine job, and it is worth a look just to see him. This movie as well reunited him with Ida Lupino ("Moontide", "On Dangerous Ground"), and director Raoul Walsh ("The Roaring Twenties", "White Heat") after the success of another thriller "They Drive By Night". It propelled Lupino to stardom, which possibly is the reason why she was billed before Bogie. She's great as usual, and is really believe-able gun totting femme fatale. She does a great job. Most people don't know this, but famed director John Huston actually wrote the script. Every line is realistic and well-said and is not corny like most of the '30's gangster movies. "High Sierra" is a awesome movie, and is a must-see for anyone who is a fan of the gangster genre.

WS W (au) wrote: Unable to transcend the original.