Last Pickup

Last Pickup

While in the employ of Mr. Worthington, James, Mickey and Whitey have made several successful and uneventful pickups, but one last pickup will prove to be an adventure and the difference between life as free men and life behind bars.

While in the employ of Mr. Worthington| James| Mickey and Whitey have made several successful and uneventful pickups| but one last pickup will prove to be an
adventure and the difference between life as free men and life behind bars. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew S (ca) wrote: voice acting was done well but the dialogue itself was repetitive and felt empty, better luck next time.

Carlos M (it) wrote: the acting its brilliant! I am n love with Fernanda too.

Kate E (jp) wrote: Oh god this movie was horrible!My favourite part is when the one guy says "now feel my true power" and all he does is grow like 3-4 feet. lolI think if the main character was played by Bruce Campbell this movie would have at least been tolerable. But Bruce is too good for this movie.

Seth R (us) wrote: This is the sort of thing that some naive people believe could never happen in America. For someone to be falsely convicted of rape and murder is abhorrent, especially considering the how weak the case was. Makes me distrust government more than I already do. It did a great job of doing what documentaries should do, which is telling a story.

Henry M (ca) wrote: Talk about a bad movie, I could not get past the two hour mark, and that says a lot since I got past Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.Real quick:Alexander and his dad were both Irish, I know this because they both used Irish accents in the movie.Hollywood can't make a movie without a guy or lesbian main character. Here it's Alexander... spite no historical reference supporting this and the threat of lawsuits form 25 Greek lawyers, Oliver Stone decided to go with it. Oh, 25% of the movie is Alexander's gay love scenes, so... really gay.Nearly all the actors appear to be trying to do Shakespeare.All the men love eye liner.The movie moves slower than a snail.That sums it up, with far more than it deserved.

Wes S (br) wrote: Yet another sequel that has little to do with the original Hellraiser and becomes more of a mystery movie just like the last two sequels. Frankly the plot isn't too bad but these just aren't the type of sequels someone would expect from this franchise. It's a boring film with a little suspense and a small appearance of Pinhead at the end. Ultimately, I was disappointed with this sequel.

Christina E (mx) wrote: Malcolm McDowell should stick to playing serial killers.

John T (ru) wrote: If you can make it past the first scene its a pretty good psychologically twisted drama. I would consider it more of a character study then a story.

Jussi M (nl) wrote: Niin naurettavan kmpel meininki ett oikein pahaa teki. Dudikoff on nyttelijn kuin puupkkel.

Morris N (us) wrote: If this bit of history interests you then you will enjoy this. It's accurate, although Netanyahu died at the beginning of the raid. It could do with some editing. This could have been an hour long movie and been much better. Interesting subject, presented accurately, but only a fair movie.

R R (fr) wrote: It's like a really bad Jurrasic Park. Poor casting choice and no chemistry. Bad script, directing and score.

Steve S (gb) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Fong K (us) wrote: An impassioned ode to the picturesque Texan landscape and its idiosyncratic civilisation through the saga of a ranch family spanning a few decades and three generations. The performances of the ensemble cast are as dazzling to watch as the picture itself. Sadly, this is also the third and swan song of James Dean who died shortly after filming.

Steve D (jp) wrote: One of the most underrated action flicks in years very good cast take an interesting premise and run with it

Andres R (nl) wrote: Excellent acting, characterization, and humor just makes this a marvelous treat.

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: Great cast wasted on a manipulative piece of sci-fi drivel. So many plot holes ... ! So you stay to watch the cast, but eventually hate being jerked around alla time, and the lame-o explanations for it. And the ending? A hot turd in your living room.

Jason R (nl) wrote: More fascinating now that two decades have past than when it originally came out. A fly on the wall doc of the day to day running of Clinton's '92 campaign. Criterion blu-ray includes some very interesting extras looking back from 20 years into the future.