Last Train to Freo

Last Train to Freo

Two thugs from the Perth suburb of Midland catch the last train to Fremantle. When a young woman boards the train a few stops later, they begin talking and find out not everyone on the train is who they seem to be.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

Two thugs from the Perth suburb of Midland catch the last train to Fremantle. When a young woman boards the train a few stops later, they begin talking and find out not everyone on the train is who they seem to be. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan H (fr) wrote: It's long but does enough to keep your attention

Luke C (fr) wrote: I'm sure the filmmakers had a frivolous laugh when they watched the first cut, and even while making this movie. But there's nothing interesting beyond this movie but a bit of sour comedy about evil engulfing our "human way".

Bruce M (gb) wrote: Hal Holbrook has always been one of my favorite actors. At 84 years old he is as good as ever. Watching him in this solid simple film is a pure work of art. Nominated many times in his long career, the Oscar should have been his.

Max C (us) wrote: Lousy movies are made like this. Horror shows know the best way to make horrendous movies.

Zhong Z (es) wrote: A powerful film with strong performances from the whole cast.

Laura F (fr) wrote: I love this movie and have seen it several times and it still moves me and makes me laugh ;)

Alfredo S (it) wrote: A complete mess that had potential to be good if it was completely animated, and proof that the more directors a film has (4 in this case), the more misguided it is.


Emile H (br) wrote: A day in the life of Los Angeles, even if it dramatizes the real brute of it. Shot on location on L.A. streets frequented by gangs, the film aims low but hits its marks where they count. This is led by great performances from Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, both of whom push their characters out of their woodworks. The film's no doubt a gritty cop drama, but no other one seems to pit the frenemies handle to its worst potential. It's not a tale that's meant to serve as moral warning, but its point is too far from the typical dark Los Angeles story.

Anthony P (ag) wrote: Not a bad movie, it actually surprised me at how good it really was.

Morten E (us) wrote: This film is one of the five best films I have ever seen in my life! It is an outstanding crimestory told with such an attention to detail and with such a talent of mastering the media that you cannot stop wanting more. You will howl at the moon for more of the same after watching this one!! You will ask yourself what special effects or even color movies are made for when it is all abour telling the story. Brilliant! Superb! This is the first Melville film I have seen to date, so I cannot wait to see another one. Highly recommended.

jay n (it) wrote: The casting of the English Milland and the Viennese Lamarr in a story set in the american west is a bit of a head scratcher but the film is a pleasant enough diversion. There are some stiff performances, Mona Freeman in particular but the color photography is gorgeous as is Hedy. An enjoyable picture but unremarkable.

Daryl K (nl) wrote: Tonally odd screwball comedy-to-drama, with Jean Harlow as a Broadway singer who recklessly marries blue-blood admirer, Franchot Tone. William Powell's long-time friend character, who secretly pines after Harlow, is maybe the only one whose wit and talents are used well here. Tone annoys as the mopey husband, and Harlow's badly-dubbed musical numbers don't do her any favors.

Josh A (ru) wrote: Appallingly unfunny, torturous to watch, and the carelessness of everyone involved is alarming

Jonathan S (fr) wrote: I was expecting more from this movie. It should have been suspenseful, but long parts of it dragged. It should have been thought-provoking, but it was predictable. It should have been complex, but it was heavy-handed. I'll give credit were credit is due: Hackman, Dafoe, and MacDormand play their parts well and there are several nail-biting scenes like the burning of the church, the opening car chase, and a black man dressing up as a klansman so he can kidnap and interrogate a backwards cop. But sadly, most of the antagonists and side characters are one-dimensional stereotypes, the music blares to let you know when a scene is important, and much of the plot feels repetitive instead of building to a climax. I've seen a lot of documentaries cover this material better as well as "12 Years a Slave" and "To Kill a Mockingbird." Go check those out.

David H (ru) wrote: Despite Richard Matheson doing writing duties on all three stories, only the third is worthy of note.

Jim F (gb) wrote: I know it's a remake of a 50's sci fi. I also know it's a family movie. All that being said I found it too damn fluffy. Disappointed with the cheap nasty CGI spiders. The robot was shit as was the cute cartoon alien. I wonder if I've become incapable of watching and enjoying family movies anymore......which is a worry