Last Waltz in Sarajevo

Last Waltz in Sarajevo

The last film made in Yugoslavia, tells a story about Sarajevo during the last days of Europe, better known as the "Belle Epoque", between the years 1910-1914. A time of troubled events in ...

The last film made in Yugoslavia, tells a story about Sarajevo during the last days of Europe, better known as the "Belle Epoque", between the years 1910-1914. A time of troubled events in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Last Waltz in Sarajevo torrent reviews

Scott C (ru) wrote: Fascinating for much of the duration, but the conclusion is ultimately a big frustration.

lovely l (it) wrote: i hate lindsay lohan but wana see this movie anyone saw it to tell me if it s good or not

Jacob D (de) wrote: First is but not that much better

Salim I (nl) wrote: Extremely inaccurate to the original anime & manga. The awkward dialogue, moments, plotlines, and voice acting just ruins this Tezuka adaptation. Even the animation is too transparent. Astro Boy is not a film for an otaku audience, or anyone!

Alexandra D (fr) wrote: magnifique. un grand moment!

Jimmy C (nl) wrote: This comes across as a Mexican housewife takes to painting. Yawn. If you don't have close contact with Mexican culture it might be entertaining, but living in Southern California the movie is a series of very trite stereotypes to me. Beware the rave reviews that come just because it's a Mexican-centric film and because of the stellar cast. I did not find it very entertaining.

Allee F (es) wrote: This movie was a bit excruciating for me. So painfully slow.

Daniel D (ru) wrote: Thriller Fear City follows a psychopathic Grim Reaper killing strippers, and a stripper manager hunting him down. Both the protagonist and the antagonist have background stories. The protagonist was a pro boxer, who's career got cut off. A stupid and cliche background story, which gives the character to much of an invincible feel. The antagonist is a religious nut who's ridding the city of filth, I suppose it's better than just a business rival. This film is sexy galore, the strip club scenes contributed greatly to the film. Whenever the movie was feeling dry the audience can escape to a strip club, which creates a whole new atmosphere. I can appreciate people going to one as an escape now. Well this is until all the good strippers are killed/assaulted/scared for their lives. The kills in this film weren't intense due to how dumb they looked, with a white martial arts master holding nun chucks. The film doesn't have many thrills, but has enough pros to make it somewhat pay off.

STCENTERPRISE (de) wrote: Stripes 1981Starts with an army recruitment Commercial that is set in what looks to be in Vietnam. Billy Murray starts off as a Taxi cub driver. Who is a photographer taking photos of customers in taxi while driving a taxi. A Rustle teaching basic English in foreign language but has never taught the class before. Bill Muray stops in the middle of a high traffic bridge in the city. Next we see him with pizzas and someone takes his car because behind in payments. Bill Murray as John quit his job and find his girl with pictures he took of her in the apartment.His girl leaves and John plays baker Ball in his apartment and throws basketball out his apartment window. They keep braking windows. Army only way to get out of failure. Ox Dewey Huxbucky John Candy ask female MP'S "Excuse me stewardess is there a movie on this flight."Welcome to Fort ArnoldJoin army it's free a way to loose weight. Pacifist never hit anyone in anger. I will be behind you Chicks dig don't wear underwear stories you tell. I volunteer leadership to team. Round of applause to sergeant Cast is mostly made up off big Saturday Night live actors of late 70's. Jack and Jerry's Caf (C) Bar club Women in mud wrestling in a club. Then Dewey Huxbucky John Candy pays money to mud up bikini women in mud. Before MP's arrive. Actor who plays Billy from Beverly Hills Cop wears Death before Disco sweater. General Banekey gone for two weeks. We are American dogs. all different but loyal. old Yeller. Do what I do. Follow what I do. Urban assault vehicle with armor and missiles. RV is secret weapon in Italy. All terrain vehicle. Take RV to Germany Americans borax in search for RV go into Russian Checslovokia boarder and cross barricades. Far fetched and not like army. It was a cheesy film that I did not find too funny. Often what I found funny were the far fetched ideas of what the army would do or get away with. Often I got no laugh or a light chuckle. I was disappointed. I was expecting with how many said this was great that it would be a much better film.

Allan C (it) wrote: Solid revisionists western with Paul Newman playing a white man who was raised by an Apache tribe and later by a white man. As an adult, he lives on the reservation and finds out he's inherited some property. Newman must take a stagecoach to sell the property and winds up helping the passengers when they are robbed by bandits. The story may seem old fashioned, but this is from a novel by Elmore Leonard and the elements of race and violence are brought more to the forefront than in most westerns. The cast also includes Fredric March, Richard Boone, Cameron Mitchell, Barbara Rush, Martin balsam and Frank Silvera. Overall, this is a terrific western, led by a strong performance by Newman.

Richard D (jp) wrote: An amusing film based on a play by Ruth Gordon. Alexander Knox stars as the editor of a major newspaper who resigns to join the army. Irenne Dunne plays his wife, a novelist and screenwriter, who moves to a small motel near the training camp. Charles Coburn plays his boss who desperately wants him back. An entertaining farce and a real mirror into the attitudes of American during WW II.

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Christopher M (nl) wrote: I liked the movie. It was a great sequel to Axis Rising. The downfall of the latest installment is it's acting. The acting was poor but, story was a good finish.

Brad S (es) wrote: This is an interesting film that I had never heard of. This 1941 film is part documentary, and part animated film. The basic storyline is a guy goes to Disney Studios to pitch Walt on a story idea, and tours the grounds seeing all elements of how Disney makes animated films, and occasionally it dips into an animated film. Clever concept and fun to see how they made the films. A MUST for all Disney fans.