Last Weekend

Last Weekend

When an affluent matriarch gathers her dysfunctional family for a holiday at their Northern California lake house, her carefully constructed weekend begins to come apart at the seams, leading her to question her own role in the family.

When an affluent matriarch gathers her dysfunctional family for a holiday at their Northern California lake house, her carefully constructed weekend begins to come apart at the seams, leading her to question her own role in the family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael F (ru) wrote: Female Van Damme meets The Crow. Easy viewing for guys if you have enough beer around.

peter h (es) wrote: SPECIES - THE AWAKENING (Video) [2007] well here it is my final review and look at the "Brilliant" Sic-Fi Horror series called The ALIEN Saga, wait I'm still reviewing the SPECIES saga? Oh Crap! But in all seriousness this Sic-Fi Horror series really dose suck for a series that spawned off the back of a critically despised film. So after the events of SPEICES 3 dose this film SPECIES - THE AWAKENING have any connection at all with the previous instalments? Next to nothing at all really much like the films HALLOWEEN 3- SEASON OF THE WITCH [1982] has to do with the rest of the Halloween Series. And as much as JAWS 5- CUREL JAWS [1995] has to do with the actual JAWS franchises or how TROLL 2 [1990] and both TROLL 3 films ( TROLL 3- QUEST FOR THE MIGHTY SWORD [1990] and TROLL 3- THE CRAWLERS [1993]) has to do with TROLL [1986]. But at least unlike the previously mentioned films SPECIES - THE AWAKENING has some proper link to the series by actually having the species Aliens in the film even though it's got no real plot connection to the rest of the series. So in the fourth and final instalment of my 4 day review marathon of the SPECIES series SPECIES - THE AWAKENING is going to get my 2 cents worth of critical bashing. DAY 4 SPECIES - THE AWAKENING (Video) [2007]: Even though it's a straight to DVD film this film one ups SPEICES 3 [2004] by being broadcast by the U.S channel The Sic-Fi Channel a year before it hit the new realises shelf's in the local video stores. With this film having far too few links to the first three films with this film a total rehash of the series occurs with this film. THE PLOTLINE After totally side stepping everything prior, SPECIES - THE AWAKENING sees yet another hot-blonde woman evolving into yet another nymphomaniac alien and brutally killing any man that doesn't work out for it. Hang on wait a minute; IT'S THE SAME BLOODY PLOT AS THE OTHER THREE FILMS!!!! Even though there is no follow on effect from the other films, so this isn't a sequel but a total rehash of a dumb idea in the first place. So the new hot-blonde alien woman is called Miranda and is not linked with Sil, Eve or Sara; wait hang on WHY DO I EVEN REMEMBER THIS TRASH! Never mind Miranda isn't aware that she is an Alien due to the way her creator Uncle Tom (yeah, yeah insert joke here about that name) wanting her to have a normal human existence. But when her Alien side starts to come out Tom and Miranda go to Mexico to track down her co-creator to save her. But since this is a SPECIES film yet another homicidal and nymphomaniac alien rampage occurs need I say more with this one? THE ACTING, SCRIPTING, DIRECTION, AND CINEMA PHOTOGRAPHY I don't need to comment on the performances in this film by the cast due to the melodramatic scripting and direction they were given. And like most lame , weak, bad, painful and god awful films most are no-name actors who try to at least make their roles stick out even though how 2-Demisonal the characters are. So with mentioning the acting, scripting, and direction in under a paragraph what else can I comment on? Oh yes my favourite aspect of cinema, the cinema-photography is it any good? Not really thanks to the director of photography's fascination with different coloured filters like a Grey filter in one serious scene. Overall Thoughts; Well its official I found this film to be well tacky for its odd idea to rehash upon another lame idea done in a corny horror and melodramatic way. Although I'm well aware it's a piece of lame entertainment and I was mildly amused but slightly agitated by it. For the series in general it should have just stuck with the first SPECIES film alone but with the sake of money MGM green lighted three other films. Why? Just to get quick access to a more couple of dollars amongst silly cult-film buffs such as myself. Then again I'm not lashing out at MGM just the vain writers and directors that were trying to make a trashy idea smell like a bed of roses. So my rating for SPEICES [1995] was 60%, with SPECIES 2 [1997] it was 50%, SPECIES 3[2004] got a 40% from me and finally SPECIES - THE AWAKENING gets a rating of 30%. So in my view the worst film out this series is SPECIES - THE AWAKENING but then again none of these films are that great. Oh well it beats having to sit through MONSTER A GO-GO........... again.

Jenn T (fr) wrote: Could be interesting but is basically just boring.

Alex S (kr) wrote: Cool effects make this movie an entertaining CGI extravaganza, but Poseidon suffers heavily from a lack of distinctive and interesting characters, and a familiar and predictable narrative arc.

Wendy (ag) wrote: it's rodney dangerfield, how can i resist watching this?!

David B (nl) wrote: This slow but very watchable experimental film with no dialogue or plot is set in a beautiful Hungarian country village and is basically an excuse for dazzling nature, people and other photography including tons of gorgeous super macro close-ups (some of them Almodovar-esque in their playful beauty) of plants, animals, food, farm machinery, random everyday objects, and even massive pig bollocks

rosina c (nl) wrote: Fun and entertaining. I like that time setting and the switching of gender roles. I think the idea was pulled off well. The prince is really hot which always helps. I also really loved the twist at the end.

Bruce s (jp) wrote: not shore i have seen it or not

Cade H (ag) wrote: Once again another hilarious Pryor movie. I have seen 3 of his movies and this isnt his funniest but it is fun to watch and the interaction between him and the kids is classic.

Joshua D (mx) wrote: What it lacks in tight story it makes up for in weirdness.

Justin R (ru) wrote: Great dance numbers -- though not many of them -- and an OK story.

Angelo Dean B (br) wrote: Have to disagree with the Critics here, though the idea is kinda original. But it lacks something, its boring but interesting. More like an Obsession for someone, quite disturbing actually2.5 Stars!

Pablo B (it) wrote: Classic patriotic movie

Carlos D (it) wrote: I liked the complexity of the story and its characters,very interesting and funny.Greta Gerwig always charming and entertaining.

Ryan V (ca) wrote: Gonzo, feeling more like an "other" than usual, has been having weird dreams about extraterrestrial brethren attempting to contact him. This puts him and (eventually) his pals in the Muppet crew on a path to making first contact with an intergalactic race, but first they have to deal with an aggressive branch of government spooks. Muppets From Space is usually seen as one of the lesser Muppet films and it definitely has less substance and laughs than its predecessors (and many of its successors). At the same time, this movie does have enough silly jokes, random celebrity cameos, and impressive puppeteering to make it seem like a sincere effort to emulate Jim Henson's legacy. Muppets From Space is hardly a masterwork, but family movies do come a lot worse than this one.