Last Witness

Last Witness

Ji-hye, the daughter of an army captain, receives a treasure map from her father just hours before he is killed by communist guerillas in the mountains near their home. While the communists...

Ji-hye, the daughter of an army captain, receives a treasure map from her father just hours before he is killed by communist guerillas in the mountains near their home. While the communists... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maximiliano D (de) wrote: I found this film extremely intriguing as I often wonder what path people would choose when faced with these decisions at such a young age. Choices that we make in our youth often come to hunt us in our old years, no matter what path we decided to take when the opportunity came.

Pam W (de) wrote: Because my daugther loves Hannah Montana

Silke B (fr) wrote: Wilbur (Jamie Sives) wants to kill himself, but fails everytime he tries to. He always ends up being rescued, joining his suicidal support group hosted by the extraordinary Dr. Horst (Mads Mikkelsen). Luckily Wilbur is a cynical misanthrope and fits into this group very well. Until the rest of the group throws him out.To be under protection, Wilbur moves in with his brother Harbour (Adrian Rawlins). Their father passed away and now Harbour runs the family business. A bookshop. And what a bookshop they have! The kind of bookshop I'd like to live in for a year or two.Harbour meets Alice (Shirley Henderson), who works as a cleaningwoman in a hospital. They soon become a couple and live a fairly happy life together. Still rescuing Wilbur from killing himself. But then something unexpected happens and Harbour sickens from a serious disease. Wilbur suddenly is not the one everyone worries about anymore.Wilbur: Does "Horst" mean sausage in German?Dr. Horst: No, but you are close.Wilbur: Are you somehow related to the "Man They Call Horst"?Dr. Horst: Yes, I believe so. On my mother's side.Harbour: What's it like, being dead?Wilbur: It's dull as dishwater. It's silent and completely dark... it's like being in Wales.

Trevor M (au) wrote: Take a Philip K. Dick espionage story, give it a cult classic director and the production style of a Terry Gilliam film and you will get Cypher. It is not a film easily digested due to its bizarreness and complexity, but if you have the will to keep watching, it yields a story has hypnotic as the mind-wiping corporations in it.- Details Breakdown -The Good: Many a sci-fi movie has broken down because the plot line was just plain too simple. Aliens are coming to kill us, so let's kill them first, there's a rift in the space / time continuum that needs to be patched, or there's this weird cube that turns machines into giant robots that needs to be found. Cypher could hardly be summed up in a page, much less a sentence. There is a constant fluctuation in what the audience thinks is the main plot of the story and the writers are clearly having way too much fun changing it up every 30-40 minutes. This method of storytelling lends itself rather well to this film considering it is a story about espionage and identity crisis. There is a lot to see in Cypher and a lot to think about afterwards. It is most certainly a movie that is best when watched more than once in order to full understand the complexities.This movie could be clearly labeled as a "Cult" movie due to the direction and visual style as well as the fact that with this kind of movie it is easy to have mixed feelings about it. Jeremy Northam does a great job playing multiple versions of the same character and progressively gets more and more likable. This film has a very eerie feel to it the entire time and the production style feels similar to Terry Gilliam movies such as Twelve Monkeys and Brazil with the strange colored lights, lab coats everywhere, and quirky "futuristic" technology. Cypher has a very strong Philip K. Dick story feel to it and so people who liked other movies based on his work (Minority Report, Adjustment Bureau) might view this as a Gilliam style Philip K. Dick story on a lower budget.The Bad: This film tiptoes the line between complex and confusing and often times dips more into the confusing side. There is a lot that is unexplained in this film and I mean A LOT, so the audience has to really let go of the millions of questions that will pop into their heads throughout the movie. Some will be answered by the end, but others will not. The love story in this film, which turns out to be the whole point of everything that happened, is extremely weak and almost meaningless. There is never any romantic moments between the characters or any chemistry of any kind. At one point one actually shoots the other. Not exactly a healthy relationship. The production style gets a little annoying in some places and just looks ridiculous. The acting is not that great for the most part, there is little emotion going on and anyone other than the main character are basically just there to progress the plot.

John A (fr) wrote: While the overall premise sounds a bit cheesy, Koreeda handles it with appropriate care, focusing on the memories with static close ups in non-descript rooms. This helpfully drains away much of what might be played for sentiment, instead allowing the viewer to engage the memories of these characters simply and in a straightforward fashion. The basic idea of thinking about your happiest memory is a provocative one though, prompting plenty of personal reflection as others go through the process.

Phil M (kr) wrote: One of my all time favorite movies.

Sabra E (jp) wrote: "Easy Colt 45. Remember, the difference between champ, and chump, is you."-Jack Palace as 'Mercy the all-knowing tv entity from Cyborg 2'What was everybody doing here? I just wanted to see a fresh Angelina Jolie doing some acting in a cyborg movie. I knew it would be bad, but it's a rite of passage in the film industry for actors to start out doing at least one shit movie that gets sold in the $3.99 bin at Wal-Mart. Then there's Elias Koteas in a lead role versus a supporting role, where I'm used to seeing him for the most part; at least he was trying. And Billy Drago...he's so good at being creepy! In the Untouchables, some random horror flick, whatever; his face turns into mince meat in this one, which definitely accentuates his vibe as a creeper. What was the deal with the computer science guy/boss figure with the bolo tie? Who'd he know to get in this movie? The director must've owned him money, or needed help fixing his Windows 3.1 computer. Who's the taker of the asskick cake in Cyborg 2? Jack Palance was the biggest badass to ever grace the world as Mercy, of course! I wouldn't be surprised if his one-liners were chiseled in marble by Moses and blessed by the bearded almighty himself; they were that good.

Steve G (ru) wrote: I remember thinking it was alright. Dave Kehr's a windbag, butthurt that it doesn't further his preferred narrative.

Danny R (ca) wrote: Three musician friends travel to California in search of fame are sidetracked when one of them is killed by bikers leaving the other two to seek revenge. It's dark and amusing.

Garrett C (ca) wrote: I don't understand why this film is considered to be great at all, and generally I'm not seeing any reasons given for its supposed greatness other than simply stating that it's great. Is the story good? No, it's pointless and sensational. Is the cinematography good? No, it's dull and forgettable. Is the message memorable/good? No, it's so one-noted and ambiguous that you can't even tell what Bunuel is saying (probably best not to know). This film fails on all the basic elements of what a film should do for me. If you're stretching yourself, you can try to say that the film is a commentary on the mixing of elegant society with base desires. On the less ad hoc level, it is a film that is made to fulfill a fantasy. Much like Sverine's fantasies, it is a dreadfully painful and particularly undesirable fantasy to have.

angel m (es) wrote: Not As Good as Funny Girl .. But I still like it *

Ken S (mx) wrote: Classic film from the Golden Age of Hollywood, featuring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. Crosby plays a man who leaves a song and dance team in order to run a farm, but quickly misses showbiz and decides to turn the farm into an Inn that is only open on Holidays and has big productions. Astaire eventually joins up and tries to steal away Crosby's new main girl (having already stolen and lost his last girl to Astaire in the opening). It is charming for the most part, in a classic Hollywood kind of way...though the Abraham number is a little too oddly racist (it is praising Lincoln for freeing the slaves yet still comes off as condescending and features blackface). I can't say I liked many songs beyond it's most famous- "White Christmas", which went on to spawn it's own weak Christmas film, but it has some good dance numbers for Astaire.