Last Year at Marienbad

Last Year at Marienbad

Takes place in a chateau, an ambiguous story of a man and a woman who may or may not have met last year at Marienbad.

At a social gathering at a château or baroque hotel, a man insists to a woman that they have met before. But it seems she hardly remembers the affair they may have had (or not?) last year at Marienbad. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick U (us) wrote: 8/17/14 ENCOREHD 408Great cast, good story that brought memories of the 60's and 70's.

Ovi G (mx) wrote: First the bad: While i do enjoy my take on this whole time distortion and time machines and past/present/future SG1 mixing together one way or another it was used so very often during the series that it kinda got old by the time the idea "reached" Continuum. Then we got a whole hour of...i dunno what to call it, gibberish, yeah that's the word. Except seeing some interesting twists, nothing interesting happens, i mean nothing i've been used throughout all these over 200 episodes of SG1. Now the good: Everything is kinda forgiven when finally we get to see a glimps of optimism, and eventually the kind of action and heroism i want to see in such a movie. Needles to say, Ba'al the last of the System Lords eventually gets his, and the past/present/future are once again restored to it's previous, otherwise normal order. As a movie overall i really liked it, i found it rather entertaining and enjoyable, and finally Jack O'Neill stars in this one, this possibly last movie regarding SG1 in particular (except Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut 2009) which is a remake. It has been an awesome 11 years with these guys and let's hope some new blood will live up to reach the same heights. Enjoy!

Seth E (it) wrote: This was an okay film with a rather sad ending. I was thinking there was going to be more to the amnesia than what had happened so it was a little anti-climatic for me. I guess I got that impression because of the continued emphasis that something absolutely unimaginable had happened to him. Before that I was looking for plot twists when it came to meeting his family and all. Without all that it was still watchable and interesting.

Jack B (fr) wrote: Not the most polished movie, nor the most sophisticated, but it's not bad. The scenery is great, and I think it is what it set out to be.

Larry C (ru) wrote: It does not go on forever but it seems like it.

Troy K (kr) wrote: It stinks, but some of the action scenes are pretty hardcore.

Dimitri C (mx) wrote: "Advent Children" is beautiful, it's a fact. But the script is incomprehensible even for the hard fans of the source material and remains a dull effort to transpose the series into the big screen.

Peter P (ca) wrote: Decent enough low budget war movie. It did a good job for what it had to work with, although most of the action was too fake looking and shaky.

James B (kr) wrote: I watched this movie and to be fair I'm still not 100% sure what it was about. All I got was teenaged angst, it would be cool in 1990 to have your own pirate radio station and having Christian Slayter as you lead in the 90's led to ratings.

Skot N (de) wrote: Vincent Price in a comedy. 'nuff said!

Richard D (nl) wrote: One of the most definitively British black comedies ever made. It's a polite, calm, literary film in which at least 7 people are murdered. The standout cast member is Alec Guinness who plays all the members of the D'Ascoyne family, various ages and genders, all with subtle makeup and slight variations of manner and accent. When Peter Sellers did a trick like this, he was broad and uproarious. Guinness is extraordinarily subtle. Amazingly, Dennis Price is not overshadowed by Guinness. His role is important ... you will only go with this film if you essentially like this man who is effectively a serial killer. The rest of the cast is in top form too, especially Joan Greenwood who has the greatest voice ever put on screen.

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Randall M (kr) wrote: Downey Jr.s best movie. And it's one of the ones he talks less in, so go figure. He was ahead of his time in his acting abilities, and his acting intellect shines through. The Biopic about Chaplin was fun and entertaining and very nice in some places with great emotional sadness in others. On the whole I enjoyed the film, because I see myself as being somewhat of a Chaplin, myself. Four and a half stars here, possibly more on a better day.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: Better than what most people say, I enjoyed it allot, I will admit it was silly and not one of Will Smiths best but it was still good and entertaining enough for me (Just).

Jason S (nl) wrote: pretty good high school football movie