Late Fee

Late Fee

A young couple’s quest to rent the scariest movie on DVD on Halloween eve results in a real life horror show they may live to regret!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:anthology,   satanic,  

A young couple's quest to rent the scariest movies on Halloween results in a real life horror show they may not live to regret. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Late Fee torrent reviews

David M (ag) wrote: it was great and inspiring, took me to high-school all over again!!

bill s (jp) wrote: How skilled the actors are is pointless as this movie crawls along at a snails pace.A movie where you understand it's artistry but question it's tone and pace.

lemi m (ag) wrote: Typical Disney great for the kids

Ben P (mx) wrote: The work is pleasing and serious. But whenever Goldsworthy opens his mouth to try to explain it for himself, I cannot decide whether to admire him or punch the screen. To paraphrase the cliche that I don't really believe in anyway: that's what good art is all about.

David H (kr) wrote: To watch it today, it might seem a bit dated, but it's hard to believe that in 1986, we had seen very few films like this before, with positive and realistic portrayals of gay characters. The film had a huge impact on me, as a newly-out 22-year-old, and helped launch the revolution in independent GLBT filmmaking that was to follow.

Brad W (fr) wrote: An interesting western with the sub-genre of weird carnival/circus thrown in for good measure. Never quite rises above curiousity with the cast involved, but at least not another traditional western.

dottie b (fr) wrote: love l film, love him

Antonia H (kr) wrote: I loved this movie!! It was so hauntingly beautiful and the acting was excellent!

AW C (br) wrote: No emotion, and then they force it--badly. It's boring--very. PW isn't even good (not that he ever especially was in the first place) but this is just stupid and dull, unrealistic and fake as fuck. Anything good? No. They even make kung fu boring.

Trenton R (ca) wrote: A weaker entry in the animation department. But some jokes made it worth watching at least once. But at the same time once was more than enough. 2.5/5 Passable

mike h (ru) wrote: Burt and clint and no buddy likes this, how on earth does a classic film get such a low rating. I don't understand people and their tastes. What can I say, the world has no taste, or understanding for anything great, it never has and never will. People just don't get it or understand or even know what is good now, or even before, its like a thing with people they just suck when it comes too taste and what is actually good. the two best 70s actors on the planet in a movie together.