Late Phases

Late Phases

When deadly attacks from the forests beset a secluded retirement community, it is up to a grizzled veteran to figure what the residents are hiding.

The film told the story about one veterinarian who was injured in one battle. After that he moved to a house, but everyone in that house was dying in extremely mysterious circumstances. What did he have to do to rescue all those unlucky people and find the way for himself? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (au) wrote: an action movie that does well and holds onto a strange story. sometimes it's a bit hard to understand due to the lack of explication prior to it being told to the viewer but it still keeps it entertaining. the action is great and definitely one to watch for action junkies.

Eric M (es) wrote: This never seemed like a real documentary, which is what I assume they were going after. And if you're gonna make a horror film based on Jamestown, why not just retell it as Jamestown instead of making up some other fake village cult. Would have had some potential.

Sebastian G (nl) wrote: Bring Back Tobey Maguire!

James K (nl) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've ever seen, it has things that Joe Bob would be proud of. I recommend watching it at some point.

Ashley H (gb) wrote: This movie is pretty formulaic. In fact, you can probably tell what's going to happen and who's going to live and die as soon as you figure out who the main characters are. Nothing else really happens. I rate it average because it wasn't reprehensibly bad like some bad movies are. The story involves the search for emeralds located in old, abandoned mine. There is a map and warning of bad creatures that are also located where the emeralds are. The bad guys have the map and hire an unsuspecting American guide (Christopher Atkins) to help them get it - and story progresses from there. If you can figure out what's going to happen according to standard formulaic sci-fi/horror plots, you need not see this movie.

Phillip D (it) wrote: Elektra still falls, just barely, under my umbrella of guilty pleasure watches, despite an awful script and a poorly suited Garner, who looks as out of place as a cat in water. That being said, the movie has a bit of visual flair and these are characters I enjoy in the comic world. Until we receive a better adaptation, this will have to do. It's certainly better than the Daredevil movie.

Ryan T (kr) wrote: The one star rating I gave it is for Paul Newman's performance, which is the only aspect of the movie worth watching.

Michael S (kr) wrote: magnificent production starring some of europes finest actors incl. the great Marcello Mastroianni as a aging Casanova, Hanna Schygulla, Jean-Claude Brialy and veteran actor Jean-Louis Barrault (Children of Paradise)

Tim S (br) wrote: Strange Behavior is one of those oddities to come out of the late 70's and early 80's and never find a concrete audience. It's not surprising given the popularity of certain slashers at the time, but this film isn't altogether bad. Don't get me wrong though. There's plenty of cheesy dialogue and bad story moments in there, but there's enough creativity and heart there that you can forgive it at times. It's no masterpiece, but there's a fun little 'possession of kids to take over the world' plot going on, and there's some nice gory and wince-inducing moments that should bring a smile to your face. It also has Michael Murphy and Louise Fletcher in the lead, as well as being directed by Michael Laughlin, who directed Strange Invaders, so it's not altogether bad. There's also the score by Tangerine Dream and was shot in Australia, so it's definitely an interesting film. Not mind-blowing or anything, but it will keep your interest throughout.

Simeon M (us) wrote: Classic rapier fights, some great lines, and typical Errol Flynn. A fun watch.

Alyan H (it) wrote: Saw no true movie value to this film. For its time it was something unique but not worthy of any type of true film noir

Simon R (ag) wrote: Very dull and too long