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William P (mx) wrote: An interesting new take in concert movies, but it didn't feel complete

JeanMarie L (es) wrote: Sagan aurait pu tre un beau film sur la solitude, la vieillesse, le temps qui passe... ce n'est malheureusement pas le cas!

Matthew L (jp) wrote: Set in modern day Rwanda, two friends find their relationship tested when they steal a machete and set out with a plan to kill the man who killed one of their fathers. While making a stop at the other's family farm, they find the wounds of the Rwandan genocide are still very fresh. Beautifully shot and brilliantly composed, "Munyurangabo" is a raw, compelling look at life in a country still reeling from national tragedy and heartache.

Inta K (ca) wrote: interesting and unseen story line.6 people have one secret which after 20 years brings them all together. some secrets can take revenge and there are spirits who cant rest.

Martina T (us) wrote: Women Santa-just loooove the idea...:):):):)

Daniel V (br) wrote: I have seen Richard III and read it and now after seeing this, I really wish they would do this for all of Shakespeare's plays/movies. I wish there was a companion to this that showed the complete performance nevertheless, this is one thought provoking and intriguing documentary. Al Pacino directs and stars in this doc and he has never been more likable. Some of my favorite scenes are his interactions with the everyday people as he asks them about the Bard. Al loves Shakes and he loves to talk about it. This is better than any uncomfortable interview he has ever given. The cast is superb but Al and William are the stars.

Jemorales2kyahoocom J (jp) wrote: Una pelicula de lujo,veanla con el corazon.

Stella D (ag) wrote: the most charming godard i have yet seen. anna k. is too adorable

Mauricio J (ag) wrote: hay remakes que tratan de darnos un gitro fresco pero hay otros que nos demuestra que despues de una trilogia malisima esta pelicula nos ensea que no se trata de cual pelicula sea mejor lo que tratan de hacer es contarnos una nueva historia que seria el nuevo comienzo de rapidos y furiosos yo creo que esta pelicula es seca pero con estilo ridicula pero divertida sin duda una buena pelicula para una nueva saga

Jens S (gb) wrote: The animation is really original and well done, the effort that had to go into this film alone makes you want to appreciate it. Sadly, the story isn't much help after a decent start. While it is likable that the film tries to stay surprising and avoid stereotypes the plot becomes a bit of a mess in the second half. It's also surprisingly gritty and not exactly for all children. Somewhat disappointing.