Latin Dragon

Latin Dragon

In the grand tradition of the lone hero who mysteriously appears in a town desperate for help (think "Shane, "Billy Jack", "James Bond" and "Chinese Connection"), having survived a war and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark D (es) wrote: wow, I doubt they have a part two.

Gimly M (br) wrote: With a little more effort and a little more money, Bong of the Dead could have been... Well still pretty bad. But certainly better. The ADR is unbearable, but otherwise I at least get what they were going for.

Sergiox V (ca) wrote: Solo es un thriller, en ningn momento es terror

Nathan M (ca) wrote: Roger Ebert needs to retire, movies like this gets better over time.i own this.

Pavan R (de) wrote: A superb feel good movie of people coming together in turbulent times. Very good performances and quite a star cast. Not over dramatised with good editing and direction.

Jon M (br) wrote: amarican.ish anime. good in an odd way

Scott R (au) wrote: Sentimental romantic drama.

Leon B (it) wrote: Review:I really got tricked by the advert of this movie because it looked quite funny, but after watching it I was really disappointed. I thought that it was going to be about a group of friends that has a mad night out, but they're not even together that much through the movie. It's about the mad situations that each indvidual character finds themselves in after one night out. One of them ends up babysitting a girl that he fancies, brother. Another one ends up driving around with a girl who steals drugs and the last friend has some severe trouble with his penis. Not the best concept in the world. Anyway, the movie isn't that funny and I lost interst in the characters who I found dull after a while. The script is weak and the whole feel of the film is pretty cheap but on the plus side, it's really short. Disappointing!Round-Up:I never heard of any of the character before so I can't really comment on there overall acting skills. I know that the leading character is quite annoying and the other characters wasn't anything special. The annoying music throughout the movie really got on my nerves and the narrating became tedious after a while. Maybe that is why I hadn't heard anything about the film and why I haven't seen any of these actors before. Anyway, it's not a movie that I will be watching again in a hurry or will I be recommending this to any of my close friends.I recommend this movie to people who are into there buddy movies about a group of friends, in The UK, who get up to mischief on a mad night out. 2/10

Lucas Lima B (ca) wrote: Hilrio,Muito Divertido E Ousado Coisas De Jovens