Latitude Zero

Latitude Zero

A massive underwater volcano erupts and puts a group of investigative scientists in danger. They are rescued by an atomic super submarine named The Alpha under the command of Captain McKenzie. The group is quickly taken to a vast underwater city known as Latitude Zero, a fantastic, Atlantean type utopia, a world beneath the ocean with its own sun. It is soon discovered that Captain McKenzie is at war with the evil Dr. Malic, a cruel scientist who wishes to rule mankind all the while conducting genetic experiments on humans and animals. Malic sends his agents to kidnap Dr. Okada, a human scientist who has created a serum that can immunize exposure to radiation.

A journalist is saved by a giant submarine captained by a 200 year old man who takes him to an underwater paradise city where no one ages. That's when monsters and mutants sent by the captain's rival, a 200 year old scientist, attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lori C (ag) wrote: This is a great family movie. It is rare to find a movie that everyone in our family enjoys but this one connected with us all.

Hildie S (nl) wrote: Entertaining coming of age story set in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Gorgeous beaches, exilarating surfing (not that I'm a good judge), and great music, including some by the guys in the movie! Newcastle is an interesting backdrop for a movie, with the looming freighters off shore and the old buildings. Love it!

Kenny R (ag) wrote: I thought this could have been a little better, but good nonetheless. Ben Kingsley is awesome, as usual. I liked the ending. Good

merssa s (mx) wrote: Kristen Stewart does good especially during the rape scene,some say she shows no emotion but that's kinda the point because she's so depressed, really I should know.

Samuel R (jp) wrote: Loved the movie, the actors were great, but the end did make my shed a tiny tear. Anyways, loved it.

CCBloom C (de) wrote: this film looks relii good

Thomas P (ca) wrote: BLAZINGLY over the top to the hilt!Holy Technicolor, Batman!Wildly Entertaining all the way - energetic, a colorful kaleidoscopic feast for the eyes featuring the best villains of the live-action 60s TV Series, and a fine tuned, incredibly consistent cast and crew.The movie amps up beyond the TV Series with some surprisingly elegant cinematography and camera work.Comic book genius.No Batman movie since this one has been able to rival the campy shenanigans so consistently as here, although they have certainly tried.Some really hilarious tongue in cheek surprises sprinkled throughout the script keep things hopping, and just when you think things are going to turn static - POW! WHAMO!! Here comes the fun.If only there were Oscar Awards for keeping a straight face - I'm thoroughly impressed on however they did it.Enjoy this, and relish every high camp moment.And don't forget the Shark Repellent.5 out of 5 spins in the Batmobile

Filius S (kr) wrote: After my brutal disappointment with Goldfinger, it took me a while to muster up the courage to watch Thunderball, but I'm glad I did it. Taking the reins back from Guy Hamilton, Terence Young returns as director for his third Bond film, and it really makes a difference. Gone are the boring villains with stupid plans, and shitty locations. Tropical islands, high-stakes card games in fancy casinos and a plot involving a bomb and a bunch of money are introduced to take their place. Bond begins the movie by killing a SPECTRE agent and escaping in a jetpack as henchman wildly fire their guns at him in one of the most brilliant displays of someone never having received basic firearms training. Shortly afterwards, Bond takes some time off to have some R&R, but while at the spa he pretty much immediately starts his spying up, and ends up nearly getting killed in some bizarre body stretching contraption. Meanwhile, SPECTRE agent No. 2, the eye patch wearing Emilio Largo, manages to get his hands on atomic bombs and with the help of SPECTRE he holds the US and the UK hostage demanding a 100 million ransom. This sends Bond over to the Bahamas to find Largo, take him down, and save the world. As you can see, the plot is considerably more interesting and sane than it was in Goldfinger, and that's a great start. The villain is also a lot more cunning and ruthless, consistently managing to get out of corners that 007 thinks he has him trapped in. The tropical backdrop, and fancy hotels, yachts, casinos, and meeting rooms also seem much more at home for Bond who parades around them with his cocky swagger. The fight sequences are also extensively choreographed (unlike previous films where Bond would often dispatch henchmen with judo chops), and the film culminates a large underwater battle with western intelligence agency units facing off against SPECTRE mercenaries. The only thing that hurts the competency of the fight sequences is the frantic use of undercranking, intended to make every action look faster and more intense, but having the inadvertent effect of making everyone move around too quickly like some Charlie Chaplinesque actor from an old-timey movie where the cameraman wasn't turning the crank fast enough. There's also the typical use of green screen for dangerous chase sequences, which isn't a big deal, but gets to be a bit fucky when it's combined with the aforementioned undercranking problems and repeating the same shot over and over in the vehicle windows you're supposedly looking through. TL;DR - 7/10It's certainly not the best Bond film, but it's pretty competent as far as action movies go. The locations are interesting, the plot is intriguing and relatively believable, and the villain is a great choice who ends up being pretty menacing. It's also the only Bond movie where 007 runs around mostly in white short shorts/swim trunks that look so much like underwear that it gives off the appearance that he forgot to put on pants when going out to fight SPECTRE.

Mike H (au) wrote: A slow moving dialog based movie. Tom Wilkinson did an amazing job, but the movie itself drug a little. The ending was good, but just took forever to get there. I like the storyline but I needed a little more.

Thomas W (mx) wrote: The Family Tree is a movie that is such a formulaic crapfest it doesn't even deserve for me to take time out of my schedule to write-up this review of it as I already WASTED an hour and a half of my time trying to appreciate some aspect of it (Christina Hendricks is in it for all of 3 minutes in the first twelve and gone for the remainder). I couldn't find anything else here ... and I rarely say I "wasted" my time when talking about movies (I willingly watched the sequel to Garfield to review it for friends and family); but this IS time wasted. The movie takes so many swipes and swings at many hot-button topics (religion, sexuality, adultery and marriage) that it is all muddled and ridiculous. So much is thrown at this family of wretched individuals that the audience cannot even keep all of the stupid storylines straight -- none of it is reasonable or plausible. This might be one for those who want to "go back" to a nostalgic past of glory ... and this movie is everything that is wrong with that mindset.

Kevin L (kr) wrote: A lovely little movie with good chemistry between the principals. It was a pleasurable 90 or so minutes.