Latitudes: Part 1

Latitudes: Part 1


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:46 minutes
  • Release:2008
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Latitudes: Part 1 torrent reviews

Erin W (it) wrote: I really like Katy's music, and I never really did until I saw this, but Katy is a very inspiring person!Katy Perry: How was the concert, Grandma? Ann Hudson: Loud!

Brandon V (ca) wrote: It had all the potential in the world to just be dumb fun. As it took the more sinister route in the beginning, I was worried, and it turns out that worrying was justified, as "ATM" is really nothing more than a Hollywood adaptation of a snuff film. It's unnecessarily sadistic, occasionally incomprehensible, and even Josh Peck's solid performance and the decent tension established in the first twenty minutes can't save the film from its horrendous ending.

Lester P (au) wrote: worse horror flick ever - check this movie was hilarious , it should be filed under comedy , the 2 main characters are mediocre singers so basically the movie is full of their music , its plugged in everywhere ...there are parts of this movie where you will just be in awe at how stupid the characters are in corrolation to the events happening ,shotgun easily accessible but lets not use it , villain is knocked down but lets not keep stabbing him lets kick him a few times that should do it,cops dont call back up .It was amazingingly retarded and it follows every thriller slasher film recipe to the "T" ...

Autty S (au) wrote: this movie is so hilariouse

Private U (ru) wrote: A really well-done film about Woody Allen. I loved it.

Lisa (kr) wrote: This film COMPLETELY captures the essence of what it is to be a 20-something wishing for bigger things and feeling boxed into a cubicle that seems like a prison cell. Toni Collette and Parker Posey are AMAZING, and Lisa Kudrow is reminiscent of her "Ursula" character of Mad About You and Friends. Could never resist watching this if it was on!!

David M (it) wrote: This is a hard movie to get online...

Raed B (us) wrote: well done, and far from hollywood

FilmGrinder S (ca) wrote: 79% -We Walk The Night- Not your average, 80's pussy flick. Kim Richards is all grown up. In the end, Hauser was only a 5%. Check out CLASS OF 80.

Tim G (jp) wrote: I was not pleased with author author al pacinos portrayal of a playwright who has a wife who is cheating on him portrayed by Tuesday Weld and its found later that she stays married to a man for two to three years and then leaves them,alan king portrays pacinos producer and dyan cannon as the star of the play pacinos working on

Byron B (au) wrote: The plot description as it is currently written is correct to say the plot is contorted. Kim Novak is totally seductive with her low smoky voice and cleavage exposing wardrobe. Her character Polly is supposed to have a cold so her voice is even more nasally and syrupy. Ray Walston's wife as played by Farr is also just as attrative. Walston plays Orville Spooner as an extremely jealous and paranoid piano teacher who has a Betthoven sweater, a Mozart sweater, and a Brahms sweater. He's another square character in a Billy Wilder movie of the swingin' sixties. Osmond works a gas station across the street from Walston's character and plays an amateur lyricist partner to Walston's composer. Dean Martin plays Dino, or himself, if not slightly more drunk and more of a womanizer than he may have been in real life. Dino passes through the little desert town of Climax and is stranded. The song writing duo want to take advantage of the opportunity to sell a song or two and set up a scheme to try and make Dino feel comfortable. Spooner gets his wife out of the house and hires Polly from a local Hooters type bar to pretend to be his wife so he doesn't feel guilty about offering her to Dino to sweeten the deal on buying a song. They have their fantasy marriage for a night and Spooner is such a gentleman he realizes he can't even let Dino have an affair with his fake wife. Spooner treats her honorably eventually, so she won't take payment and they feel like they really were husband and wife for this one night. Meanwhile Spooner's wife ends up drunk at the bar and is taken to sleep in Polly's trailer. Dino thinks all along that Polly was Spooner's wife and shows up at the bar later. He finds out from the bartender that Polly is what he's looking for and heads to the trailer where he thinks Spooner's real wife is Polly. Now there was an alternate scene on the DVD I saw, so maybe something happened in the trailer or maybe it didn't. Well, the writing and performances aren't of the best quality, but it seems everyone involved is having fun.

Giffy G (ag) wrote: I deeply, deeply wish that the second half of the movie was as enjoyable as the first. The first half sparkled, with interesting characters, dazzling acting, and a witty script. The second half felt cliched and forced out, lacking all of the creativity and emphasis of the first. Oh well... the first half was really good.

Cristian A (it) wrote: This movie was part of my childhood, it deserves better than a 50%

Bradley W (de) wrote: In a town ensnared by twisted, moral consequences, a haunted detective unwinds the costly truth that "the ends never justifies the means."

ARK f (fr) wrote: Good movie, a little cheesy though