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Laugh and Cry Forbidden is the best new movie of N/A. This movie was introduced in 2012. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Geng Li, Yan Liu, Hei Wong, Qiang Xiao. The kind of movie are Comedy. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 4.7 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share with your friends and watch this movie together . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Alex V (de)

Pure produit estampill 70's, ce "Dynamite Jones" (in french) est trs "soul" et les dialogues doubls d'Antonio "Huggy les bons tuyaux" Fargas sont hilarants !!! Moins connue que Pam Grier, Tamara Dobson assure du haut de ses 1,88 m (+ la coiffure afro) !!!!!! Enjoy frangin(es) !!!

Anne E (au)

You see the transformation of G-girl throughout the movie, not only in her costumes but in her personality as well. She was fabulous in Kill Bill and played a very different role, and while she is also great in this movie, it?s the plot that is the problem. A quality of a good actor is being able to play different roles in different movies, without a doubt Uma Thurman conquers this quest. These camera angles redeem parts of this film. Within the next minute, the camera goes to a shot of Jenny starting bending the knife in half because of her frustration with Matt. This perfectly captures why he is scared of her and why he wants to breakup with her. For example, the scene in the kitchen when Matt is trying to break up with Jenny but mostly the frightening G-girl, the camera is shot first at her chopping the vegetables frantically then pans up to her face with an upward shot of her holding the knife looking very intimidating. The camera angles are great and add a lot to the characters as a whole. Although My Super Ex-girlfriend is not the best movie out there, it does have its? perks. Having several genres in one movie makes it more enjoyable for a larger crowd. You have parts of the classic superhero movie, a good amount of action, and of course a lot of romantic comedy. One of the highlights of this film, is its? ability to be versatile. It?s almost too easy that he ends up with Hannah, the one who he thought was too good for him the entire movie. His love interest goes back and forth between his coworker, Hannah, and G-girl throughout the entire movie. Matt also is very likable, you see his interaction with women and his bad luck, time after time. G-girl is a very likable character for the most part, she uses her powers for the good of the world. Jenny is always wearing her G-girl costume, it lies hiding underneath her normal clothing at all times. G-girl has a great sense of fashion so she never wears the same costume twice but that takes away a lot from the ?classic? superhero costume. But there?s nothing classic about this movie. You start with a classic super hero that has super strength, super hearing, and super vision. The only problem is that it was very poorly executed. This movie is so interesting because it is so unique and unlike most classic super hero films. She has gotten crazier and less mature and in the end her outfit is just the opposite. Her costume is opposite of how her character has progressed throughout the movie. She is wearing a black suit, with black flats and her is down blowing in the wind. The last time you see G-girl she is wearing much more mature outfit. She is wearing a black beanie, black skirt, black blouse, black gloves, and high black stilettos. The very first time you see G-girl she?s launching from the ground to the sky in a giant whirlwind, she lifts a black car into the sky with her strength in a black fashionable outfit. In the end of the movie, he is the one who is completely uninterested in her. When you first meet Jenny she is sitting down and looking completely uninterested in him, she has her head in the newspaper. Their roles in the relationship completely change. In the end of the movie she is dying to be with him and he is completely not interested in being with her. Initially, he is the one who is dying to be with her, and she is not really interested. This only drives Matt futher and further away. Jenny soon decides that Matt has earned the right to know her story of how she obtained her powers. She is nothing at all like the girl that he met on the subway. Before Matt finds out who she really is, he starts getting frightened by how strong and scary she is becoming. As they go on more dates, she has to leave because she must go be her alter ego, G-girl. She starts becoming very aggressive and demanding of Matt. In the next portion of the movie she has several shots of her from below, making her look more intimidating. Her true character starts to shine through the more Matt starts to test her. This part of her only gets stronger and crazier throughout the film. She points out the minutest details as if they are a huge problem. In the museum scene, you see how she finally starts to fall for him, and she immediately calls him out for using his tongue wrong while they?re making out. This is just a preview of how neurotic she is. This leads to her getting his number instead. When he asks for her number she says no, due to her intense privacy issues. After being shut down several times, Jenny finally agrees to go out with him after he rescues her purse from a thief. He immediately is attracted to her and asks her out, she shuts him down; she is completely unfazed by him. The camera angle is down on Jenny making her look inferior and it?s up on Matt making him look very manly and masculine. In the beginning of the film, Matt Saunders meets Jenny Johnson in the subway. She is able to transform from her boring self, Jenny Johnson, to the amazing and powerful G-girl. Day by day she saves the city of New York with her marvelous powers. My Super Ex-Girlfriend stars an average man falling in love with a not so average woman

Arslan K (mx)

Very enjoyable with great acting and story

Brian C (nl)

. . the movie is somewhat dated in score and look (particularly the genesis musical interlude) but worth viewing for fans of gritty character studies. i'm not sure what it is about hoskins but he's almost always great on film, and that certainly is true here. i felt the end of the movie was a bit haphazard, but overall this was an emotional and well put together film. bob hoskins rules here, basically carrying this movie

Cameron J (fr)

3/5 - Good. In the end, Todd Robinson's study on the unraveling sanity of the "Lonely Hearts Killers", as well as the struggles of his grandfather as he hunts the killers down squanders its potential, due to the bumpy executions of the shifts in layers and tone that could have made this the darkly complex classic noir throwback it promised to be, but thanks to the very handsomely gritty style, sharp execution of the tones, - bumpy though, their shifts may be - steady rise in compellingness, as well as the all around solid performances, - headed by the stellar Jared Leto and Salma Hayek - "Lonely Hearts" stands as a generally enjoyable noir experience. Of course, the performance right on par with her's is of course by my man, Jared Leto, who plays up every layer and emotion behind Raymond Fernandez in a humanly charming, when not compelling fashion and if you see this film for nothing else, then let it be for Hayek and Leto's stellar performances. Hayek emits the sharply mysterious atmosphere that make the Martha Beck character and chillingly complex one. Still, what carries that storyline is, of course, the sharp chemistry between Salma Hayek and Jared Leto, as well as their fantastic performances. well, it's a story about the adventure of charming murderers on the lamb. . . Still, there's a reason why Robinson's storyline isn't as interesting as the killers' and that reason is because. Robinson storyline. Now, as much as we'll give Travolta trash for his more recent work and - lord help us all - performance in "Battlefield Earth", he's still a generally pretty good performer, and here, he shows that by boasting the charisma, emotion and presence to carry what compellingness there is in the rather underwhelming Elmer C. For that, I also have to give credit to the handsomely gritty cinematography, as well as the lively production designs and excellent soundtrack, but really, what carries this film and delivers more than anything else, might just be the performers. He has a tough time shifting tone, but I feel that Todd Robinson delivers on what tone is at hand, whether when he's having to make something entertaining, or dramatic, or just plain tense, and when this film gets dark, it's both horrifying and golden, for Robinson has such an understanding of how to portray these twisted events in a disturbing, yet realistic fashion, and although his storytelling isn't perfect, the way he sets things up and keeps this film on a steady, but sure rise in compellingness, in spite of its uneveness, is extremely impressive. Still, although his storytelling is a bit off Tim Robinson delivers more as a first-timer than you migh think. Whether the director's the grandson to the hero or not, a multi-character study is hard to work with smoothly, especially for a first-timer, and Todd Robinson can't make it all snap together, thus leaving the film to squander its potential and sadly become rather unsatisfying. Still, when it does finally switch, the transition is bumpy, partially because what storyline we do focus upon, we spend way too much time on, making the film feel severely unbalanced. Robinson storyline, where it doesn't seem like our director put in enough interest to make it as interesting as the story of the killers, leaving you begging for that story back when we switch to the Elmer Robinson storyline. To make matters worse, Robinson can't handle the shifts in focus in the storylines, especially when it comes to the Elmer C. He gets tones down and executes the layers of our characters sharply, but when it comes to shifting the tone and layers, - as his script so often does - Robinson can't catch up as a director. Todd Robinson has written a fine script, but his execution of it is hit-or-miss, but when it misses, it misses something big. Mr. I love this concept of presenting the story of the "Lonely Hearts Killers" in the slick, but tensely gritty fashion it was meant to be told in, while at the same time, paying homage to the classic era of the detective-crime noir genre. This guy is just too blasted good to be putting acting in the back of his to-do list and here, he further proves that by carrying not just one, but like, five films at the same time, or at least that's how it felt, considering that these genre changes are about as forced as this segway. That's a shame even now, because the people need to help get Leto's acting back at the forefront, because darn it, he's one of today's greats. No, his eyeballs will be gone; I'm saying that his freakishly shiny corneas are just gonna be floating there and if that doesn't scream museum exhibit, then I don't know what does, but really, considering the state of severe stupidity society will no doubt be in once the immortal Nicki Minaj - who is immortal because I doubt you can kill a demon - is "Koeen uv da Planut", (No, they're gonna be so stupid that that's how their gonna spell it) they're gonna display ol' Jared Skeleto for his work in 30 Seconds to Mars, for they'll forget all about his acting career, because the immortal Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Again, because they're demons) won't leave the slightest trace of "popular" art films, let alone ones that people hadn't even heard of when they came out. Seriously, if they dig him up many decades after his death, if for no other reason, they're going to display his skeleton in a museum because it still has hair, as well as his eye color, because nothing can kill those either. What did you think they did it with practical make-up? Please, if they tried that, his hair would just pop back out, because there's no getting rid of it by physical means. Man, now that is a stellar visual effect, receding Jared Leto's hairline

Eric S (ag)

Dull. Its only quirky if you call long drawn out scenes with the characters staring blankly for no reason. I have read many reviews calling this movie about a ??quirky?? family

Jeff G (us)

here he doesn??t look right good performance but the looks is just wrong. Cole Hauser is a good actor the only problem here is he looks too old to play his role the rest of the cast can play believably young him he just looks like a Beverly hills 902010 Situation. Tara Subkoff is good as the doomed friend she eventually left acting to become a fashion designer it??s a shame she was a star in the making Amy Adams kind of reminds me of her a little. Ani Difranco, Babes In Toyland, Patti Smith, Jesus & Mary Chain, Cornershop and Helium Allison Folland is top notch as Claude but she??s another actor you only see here and there she??s doesn??t get enough work as far as I??m concerned. It??s virtually a who??s who of 90??s independent and alternative music artists. The soundtrack is perfect each and every song by a female artist or band and strike the right emotional tone. That is the other noteworthy element of this film. The emotional pinnacle of this film s the scene where claude is alone with the girl who has a crush on her and they listen to the patty smith song ??pissing in a river?? so much raw emotion is in that scene not only physically but since there is no dialogue the lyrics and music lay it all out all the longing, rage, resentment, sadness and despair. This movie that started out as a coming of age tale about unrequited love turns into a murder mystery but at least it doesn??t stray as much as it could have as we watch Claude find love with someone else who is fascinated by her as much as Claude is my her best friend at the beginning of the film. The only problem with this film is the murder that happens in the film it kind of pushes the movie into formulaic unbelievability. Then when there is a problem that friend runs to you wanting you to help solve it getting you involved and keep them together but not totally trusting you even though you have there best intentions in mind but they have the nerve not to trust you but believe the lies the guy is telling them and everyone around them can tell it??s a lie. Then watching them fall for the wrong type of guy who seems to get increasing control over them. The reason I believe I can relate is that, I have been there minus the drugs and being a lesbian, but being in love with a friend who only see??s you that way. Who gets her hooked on drugs and soon she is depending on Claude in love with her to protect her and help her out as she becomes more strung out. It??s about a girl named Claude who is in love with her best friend, but that friend starts dating and falling deeper and deeper in love with the neighborhood thug/drug dealer. I can relate to the film so much. Another reason that I have a soft spot for this film is maybe. Lang??s girlfriend but at the time I didn??t know that. D. there were the Sitchel??s, Darnell martin (I Like it like that), Nancy Savoca (Dogfight), Allison Anders (Gas, Food, Lodging), Hannah Weyer (Arresting Gena) who you might see as writers or producers here and there but they seem to not be actually directing anymore and it??s a shame Sofia Coopola and Jane Campion can??t be the few representatives all the time One of the reasons I went to this movie was that I had a crush on leisha hiley who was a member of the band the murmurs she is a lesbian she was eventually K. What happened to the sitchel sisters they made this movie and if these walls could talk then disappeared and they were actually talented this seems to be a continuing trend all these female filmmakers made dynamite debuts and maybe made one more film then virtually disappeared this seems to more be a common thing of female directors of the 80??s and 90??s. I really like this movie. I saw this movie the first time it showed at the angelica I have vivid memories of it

Mauricio A (fr)

Highly recommended. So take it with a grain of salt. Also, the trailer, gives this movie no justice. You will not regret it. Got with someone who you think you can discuss the movie after over a glass of wine and who likes or does not mind nonlinear narratives. I will not go over the plot as you can find a number of synopsis about the plot. You will always find something about this movie to relate. Quite the trip both as social commentary and a study of a character's life. However the ultimate message will be yours to decide. Great cinematography, well acted and with something to say. A beautiful film that can survive, nay requires multiple viewings

Mixael X (au)

Highly recommended. A beautiful emotional mindfcuk. Incredibly dark and simultaneously a very funny and heartwarming ride. All cheerfully accompanied by impromptu musical numbers, colorful settings, animated flowers and little birds. Imagine the female lead character from any Lars von Trier movie but without the layers of artsy pretense, drifting in misery by the consequences of actions by others, giving up herself up to their egocentric whims, driving her from being an innocent schoolteacher to violent men and prostitution. After she is already gone, a young male student learns about his black sheep aunt and sets out to learn about her and her life

Niki L (au)

grew up wathing it and loving it. This movie was made in my home town! Lyons NY