A blinded French sculptor completes a statue of a friend's daughter by using his sense of touch.

Sculptor Paul meets a former great love again after a long time -- but is much more impressed by her 15 years old daughter Laura, who looks now like her mother when Paul was in love with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Agus P (ru) wrote: seperti yang dkatakan salah satu anak kecil di awal cerita, musik bukan melulu tentang keindahan suara saja, karena bagaimanapun dunia tanpa suara (dalam hal ini musik tentu saja) menjadi begitu mencekam. yang ada hanya kesunyan.Ketika Taliban mengambil alih pemerintahan Afghanistan, salah satu dari sekian banyka larangan adalah musik pop, menurut mereka mampu merusak dan mempengaruhi nilai moral yang berlaku di dalam masyarakat.Musik bukanlah hanya tentang suara saja, dan di Afghanistan, setelah melalui begitu banyak penderitaan, musik adalah salahsatu cara mengalihkan genggaman tangan. Dari yang sebelumya menggenggam senjata, beralih menggenggam microphone. Bukan untuk meneriakkan dogma-dogma di sepanjang jalan, akan tetapi untuk mengisi kesunyian Afghanistan.

The Critic (br) wrote: David Michd's remarkable family crime drama is a beautifully layered and skilfully executed exploration in the complexities of domesticity. As with the best films in this genre, it's the silent spaces that offer the most tension amongst the characters as well as insight into their intricate personalities. And there's an assortment of them here to sink your teeth into. The boys - men who exude the terrifying extremes of masculinities - are a collective forceful presence. Not since Rowan Woods' 'The Boys' (1998) has their been an antagonist with the intensity of Ben Mendelsohn's 'Pope'. This is a meaty role for him and Mendelsohn truly commands his scenes as do secondary figures Joel Edgerton, Sullivan Stapleton and Luke Ford, who make up the rest of this unpredictable fraternity. Guy Pearce is also unsurprisingly excellent as the scrupulous cop trying to put an end to their illegal activities. The plot, however, is driven by a solid James Frecheville as Joshua, through whose eyes we see the narrative. The young actor is extremely engaging and his relationship with grandmother and matriarch 'Smurf' (a compelling Jacki Weaver in a career highlight) is the key factor that sees this fierce family stick together and fall apart. A resounding success in all departments, 'Animal Kingdom' is a must-see.

Hytham E (ca) wrote: France is much more than just Paris!

Stephen L (mx) wrote: Agent 86, Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 are back on the screen again. Looks like it'll be full of laughs.

Ashley J (it) wrote: Stupid but I love it.

Ana S (us) wrote: I must say this is an interesting movie but it does fall kind of flat on its face at the end. The story line is unique and the execution of the movie is well done but it doesn't pick up until half way through and then falls at the end. I'd say it is worth a watch but it is not a movie that I would go back to look at ever again. It's just one of those movies that you want to like but can't because of it's ending.

Eric R (it) wrote: As you can tell from the title and even the font lettering that this is rip-off of "Police Academy"... a low grade rip-off. A REALLY low grade rip-off. Basically take the dumb comedy elements and basic plot of "Police Academy" and mix it with the piss poor production values and bare skin found in the long running "Witchcraft" series and you have this bastard creation and ended up spawning almost as many sequels as the very franchise it was ripping off.What we get is a bunch of bimbos wearing scantily clad clothing going through Vice Academy training in order become Vice cops. They learn such talents as shooting a gun, kicking guys in the junk and putting on hooker make-up in less than 20 seconds (pimps don't like their bitches waiting!). Our main slutty cops is played by cult actress Linnea Quigley (don't worry, she bares her breasts... she always does) and in her quest to beat her rival Ginger Lynn Allen to make the most arrests, her and her crew made a hasty mistake while busting some porn filmmakers and in order to graduate they have to stay up all night busting hookers to make their quota.The quality of this production is as low as it gets and it looks like it was made for $2.50. Along with this extremely low budget we get low grade acting to match with some pain inducing dialogue and uninspired directing provided writer/director/producer Rick Sloan. What should you expect from the guy who brought us the unwatchable "Gremlins" rip-off "Hobgoblins"?"Vice Academy" was made to be a silly B-movie comedy with skin but even as a B-movie I still didn't find it to be "so bad it's good." It actually found it to be more annoying than anything and I ended up groaning in pain at the forced comical moments rather than snickering. People going into this expecting a lot of nudity are also going to be disappointed as there are a few topless scenes but most of the skin is only shown with the women parading around in skanky clothing and lingerie.They made 6 of these damn things so there is an audience for these films but obviously I am not one of them and in turn found it quite dreadful. Most of the "Police Academy" films were lame and this is a lame rip-off of a lame series which in turn spawned its own lame franchise. I am a fan of B-movies but "Vice Academy" didn't tickle my fancy one iota. To me I just found the whole experience irritating and vexatious, along the same lines as Troma films. Sorry "Vice Academy" fans, this gets a big thumbs down from me. Perhaps some of the sequels improve upon the formula and maybe, just maybe I can force myself to sit through a few

p b (kr) wrote: Eh, no. Not even the slightest funny.

Tia R (it) wrote: It starts out very promising but dissolves into a waste.

Natalie O (es) wrote: I'm glad I've seen it.