Laura Lansing Slept Here

Laura Lansing Slept Here

With a glittering cast that includes Katharine Hepburn and Karen Austin in lead roles, Laura Lansing Slept Here is a humorous family movie. Hepburn plays Laura Lansing, a novelist who undergoes an identity crisis as, despite her fame and fortune, she feels something is missing from her life. Entering into a quest to return a degree of normalcy to her life, Lansing's attempts provide many comedic moments, as well as a salient lesson for the famous author.

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Wes S (ru) wrote: Not as bad as I thought it would be, but it does feel bit like a cash in to The Walking Dead's success. The zombies and gore effects are pretty decent, the characters are alright for the most part. The story is a little stale, and some parts seem to drag on, but the ending is pretty good. It's not too memorable, but it's not awful either.

Matt P (it) wrote: Don't let the critics or general audience responses fool you. This movie is beautifully shot and has a lot to say about humanity. Eva Green and Ewan MacGregor are certainly easy to watch, as well.

Max C (de) wrote: Normally, I don't watch made-for-television movies unless the story they're trying to tell is interesting or exciting. But I remember back when I was much younger, seeing this on TV for the first time with my parents, and being completely hooked on it ever since. For what it's worth, this made-for-TV movie has a very interesting plot that's held together with a blend of good performances from Judge Reinhold, Crystal Bernard and everybody else who starred in this movie. If I ever chose to make a list on some of the world's early 1990's TV movies that had the potential to achieve a "cult following", this would probably be number 1 on that list.

Pedro S (ag) wrote: Just watched it right now. And I say, it's a good storyline, but as one user said, one of the Ten Commandments is "thou shall not steal". "Step aside, High School Musical" - I don't think this line is fair, because it was heavily inspired on High School Musical, so they think that this movie will be better than the original movie made? I don't think so. It may be good, but it's not excellent. Lousy singing - unlike High School Musical, that has great singers. Maybe HSM fans will hate The Asylum.

Gary B (it) wrote: Probably one of the strangest horror film I have ever seen with a blatant steal from the Texas chainsaw massacre in the middle which is probably the best bit!

Wilma T (it) wrote: Hated this movie! I love Robin Williams so but not a fan of him in this movie at all!

darth v (de) wrote: As I recall, this was not so good. Robot Jox was sub-par, but this lowered the bar even more. Go see Pacific Rim or Transformers. Much better robots and much more action.

Evan H (ru) wrote: this movie is awesome! The acting, script, and direction is superb!! It has tragic moments and funny moments. Shows the struggles between a mother accepting her son, also the struggles of a lost love. I really liked this movie for it's frankness.

Akash S (ag) wrote: A British guy trying to make a connection with the conservative Chinese mother of his deceased partner; the theme and the gloomy cinematography make you sad even before the story begins to unfold. Communication is the main problem over here. They somehow manage with the help of a translator, and I like how they sometimes say things and then tell the translator not to translate it (because they realise how it would sound). This leads to few funny moments occasionally.The movie has a really good start, but after halfway through, the Director/Writer loses his way; it seemed as if he's not sure as to where to take the story. By the time it ended, I felt dissatisfied; the story should have been longer or the characters should have been explored and developed a little more.The two leads, Ben Whishaw and Pei-pei Cheng, give quite strong and incredible performances; they have a few immensely moving scenes. And it doesn't hurt that Andrew Leung, the actor playing the deceased partner, is quite handsome; he and Ben looked quite good together, which makes his death even more painful.The conversations the two lead characters share are quite moving and thought-provoking, and the monologue Junn has towards the end on the essence of grief and crying is really beautiful. Let me quote the most effective lines from it: "These memories are all I have; I need to keep them vivid, or they'll fade like the face of my husband. I want to dwell on these memories and cry over them because they comfort me. Through plenty of crying, I've learnt to be content that I won't always be happy, secure in my loneliness, hopeful that I'll be able to cope."The movie is depressing, yet uplifting, but somehow I feel, it failed to reach its true potential.

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