Laura's Star

Laura's Star

Laura sees a shooting star falling to earth and finds it in a park, down on the floor and with a broken point. The star is a living being, and Laura takes her home to reattach its point with a band-aid. The little star has special powers and can make people fly, or bring inanimate objects to life. But the more she stays on Earth, the weaker she becomes and her colors fade away and her powers start to fail. Laura must find a way to send the little star back into outer space.

An adolescent girl and her toddler brother, find a star that has actually fallen to earth, that turns out to be living being...complete with cosmic powers . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracy F (br) wrote: Oh Clea Duvall. How I love everything you've acted in - until now. And you wrote and directed this one. Child, this was just a bad movie but I blame Christina Rucci though. She made you look bad. She looked like a skeleton. She needs some ice cream.

Eric C (ru) wrote: supposedly disgusting and scary. but looks fake and isn't scary at all...

Don S (it) wrote: Somewhat of a romantic drama, though it is light on romance - a high school senior (Kat Dennings, who is wonderful in this role) seducing a teacher and having revenge sex with a fellow student who is infatuated with her doesn't qualify as romance in my book. The acting is good, the story holds your interest, but the pacing is a little slow and the total dependence of the teacher on a 17 year old girl for life fulfillment seemed contrived and unbelievable. .Even so, a wonderfully moving movie.

Paul K (ca) wrote: I was more impressed than Ian Bain with this. I have a thing about Emily Watson, she is such a good actor. The underlying story is outrageous: even though perhaps only a small percentage of the deported children were maltreated or wrongly removed from their birth families, the policies in which the British and Australian governments colluded were cynical and self-serving in the extreme, and their later denial of responsibility makes it all the worse. A good effort by Jim Loach. Hugo Weaving did well to look less like Hugo Weaving, too.

Noe (us) wrote: this really, really could have been better.

Nikki D (es) wrote: It is watchable, but not as good as the original. The fight at the end is worth watching but it is exactly the same as the original.

Emod L (gb) wrote: 42%The only good thing was the tits.

Shawn W (kr) wrote: Seagal near his peak. Features the best of all of his bar fight scenes as he beats up patrons while looking for Richie.

Tim W (it) wrote: Juust soo bizarre! Camp at its finest. Not my thing though. But definitely one of those cult classics that seem to be popular around 80's B movie horror comedies. But I much preferred ReAnimator.

Martin S (ag) wrote: Incredible pathos and rhythm. Firm grip from the first scene.

Kevin M W (es) wrote: Absolutely one of my favorite Grant efforts, with the teaming with Leslie Caron nearly a perfect combination. The scene where he teaches her how to fish is so erotic, while still being playful, that I can't stand it. Grant is a misanthrope hiding from society on a Pacific island when he gets wrangled into contributing to the war effort. An accident hooks him up with Caron and her little charges, and ... well, it's just fun to watch.

Darren A (it) wrote: Not as good as the original but still mighty fine..

Dave J (it) wrote: Friday, June 8, 2012 (1950) Side Street THRILLER Farley Granger (Strangers On A Train) plays Joe, a part-time postman who unknowingly steals a bagful of money who didn't know it was part of an murder/ extortion scheme set up by one of New York City's respected counsillours. At the beginning viewers get to know how the protagonist got himself into this mess, leaving the question about how he gets himself out is intruiging but feels somewhat outdated despite well directed by veteran director Anthony Mann. 2.5 out of 4

Tommy K (gb) wrote: It would be nice to see this with proper subtitles.

WS W (it) wrote: Putting all the bads together makes it rather OK.