Law and Order

Law and Order

Frame Johnson's attempt to settle down in Tombstone is interrupted when a mob tries to mete out some frontier justice.

Frame Johnson already cleaned up Tombstone and hopes to settle down near Cottonwood. But a marshal's work is never done... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Law and Order torrent reviews

Shane D (ag) wrote: Bateman is always a treat to watch and this is one of his better turns. It's a little messy overall, but there's enough good stuff here for it to be ultimately worth your time.

Chiek E (ca) wrote: A little too contrived for my taste. I watched it just to be polite to person who lent it to me.

Empire F (nl) wrote: Watch online here: freemoviesseance.?com

Christos D (de) wrote: As a pure slasher flick, the film is rubbish, especially in the shakey hand-held camera format it's presented in. Yet, if executed better, it could be brilliant as a mockumenary of a parody of a slasher movie that takes itself seriously, but not too seriously. Loved the subtly obvious name drops in the begining(Meyers, Kruger...), as well as the cameos from a couple of vets of the genre with Robert Englund, Zelda Rubinstein

Joel A (it) wrote: A frustratingly slow & repetitive documentary that to me fails to achieve it's goal it seems very aimless.Simply a fly on the wall film & although some of the characters under the subway in NYC are interesting the lack of structure & point in this film grains you quickly.I expected much more from this film & was really disappointed. For lack of a better word it is just a boring, monotonous film.

Emmanuel S (ca) wrote: it was mavelous,the sound track and the sound effects, not bad

Christopher G (ca) wrote: This movie was awesome! I bought it for three bucks, thinking it would suck, but it was actually good. A lot of references to other movies like Alien and Terminator in this movie. A cool style.

Dan A (ru) wrote: For a comedy there aren't many laughs. Kevin Kline is good as always but I just found the whole thing too family friendly and safe. The idea that "common" people could do a better job in politics than politicians because, apparently, they are immune to the lures of power and corruption, is an annoying fantasy that gets shoved in your face with this film.

Wu Y (it) wrote: Fellini's 'Titanic' ? during watching this film ,a strange nostalgia felling arose in me ,its Fellini's magic

Jon C (us) wrote: The contrast of an altruistic H. G. Wells chasing a bloodthirsty Jack the Ripper from a cultured 1893 to urban 1979 provided a layered historical-fiction spin on what would otherwise be a race-against-the-clock chase movie. As a child I was fascinated by this film, and though a product of its time, it still entertains.

Erick F (mx) wrote: Great little movie about AI in the 1970s. Really enjoyed it. It is only 100 minutes, but it does a great job with very minimal effects to really build the conundrum of Colossus and Forbin. It also still has that late 1960s charm with a bunch of guys in suits. Good concept, solid execution.

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: "The man in Rome dies or we all die."-Vincenzo 'Vince' Santangelo (Telly Savalas) Personally, I didn't find Johnny to be to cool, but the rest of the movie was. Especially the lovely, Elizabeth Montgomery who had so many memorable lines. Poor Johnny never saw it coming. Good gangster drama. "I want you to know, all men look like men, but few really are."-Darien 'Dare' Guiness (Elizabeth Montgomery)

Grant S (au) wrote: Great WW1 flying drama. A very gritty and accurate look at life, and death, in a Royal Flying Corps (RFC) fighter squadron. Details fairly well the burden of command, of sending pilots to almost certain death.Incredibly good flying action scenes, especially for 1930. Great cinematography, for the time. The non-action scenes are good too, filled with drama and the realities of living with a Sword of Damocles over one's head.Reasonably good performances all round. No real stand-outs. Pity that American actors had to be used for some parts, as it ruins the authenticity somewhat.For some reason the movie was remade 8 years later, also as The Dawn Patrol, and with Errol Flynn in the lead role. Copied the plot to the letter and didn't add much, so not sure why it was made. Was still a good movie though.

David W (ru) wrote: When I see an!

Brian S (br) wrote: Wether it's ghost ship from 1943 or 1952, or the Death Ship from 1980, or just the story itself, y'all have to admit, a ship full of ghosts it's not the most creative plot, but it's a pretty thrilling and intriguing plot. And of all the ghost ship films to see, this is the one. It's well constructed and the acting is very strong, it's in general a well made movie. The main characters are all pretty likeable, too bad that most of them die. But the ending is very predictable and even lame and a little half-assed. But anyways, recommended !!

Fat T (br) wrote: What an awesome and unique storyline. I was so taken by this movie, it was everything I loved when it comes to idea. Such a gem! Absolutely in love with it.

Kollin S (it) wrote: Skip it. JL Doom and pretty much any other DCAU film is miles better than this tripe.

Jarkko H (au) wrote: Such racing series should not be of interest to anyone, but on the basis of ticket revenue with some interest.

Andr D (nl) wrote: Quentin Tarantino y Robert Rodriguez se unen para realizar un delicioso y desquiciado proyecto que busca resucitar el cine Clase B de funcin doble por una sola entrada, con toda la violencia, el sentido del absurdo y el humor que esto conlleva. Las dos pelculas en cuestin son "Planet Terror", una cinta llena de cortes abruptos, rayones y situaciones delirantes dirigida por Rodriguez, acerca de un virus que convierte a la gente en zombie y a una herona (Rose McGowan) con una pierna convertida en arma que busca acabarlos a todos. La dupleta la completa "Death Proof", un tributo a "Vanishing Point" acerca de un doble de cine asesino en serie (Kurt Russell) que encuentra a unas mujeres ms que rudas que buscan venganza. En medio de semejantes pelculas, encontramos trailers falsos dirigidos por Robert Roriguez, Eli Roth, Edgar Wright y Jason Eisener, que complementan la experiencia. Curiosamente, dos de esos trailers se convirtieron en las pelculas reales "Machete" y "Hobo With A Shotgun". Mi consejo es que tome esas ltimas pelculas y arme su propio "Grindhouse 2".

Dan H (ru) wrote: De Niro is really good in this. Good movie, just didn't care for ending.