Law of the Border

Law of the Border

In order to keep his ailing son alive, an impoverished man agrees to sneak a herd of sheep across the border.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:71 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:smuggling,   feudality,  

In order to keep his ailing son alive, an impoverished man agrees to sneak a herd of sheep across the border. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Law of the Border torrent reviews

Jase N (mx) wrote: I remember watching this movie in school on April 10th, 2015 it still brings back so many memories,~~~~

Chloe C (es) wrote: a comical premise and moving tale of our attraction to delicious smells.

Justin S (nl) wrote: Having watched this for French class in high school, I got some serious hipster points for knowing the song that forms the basis of the Inception soundtrack.

Napaa R (us) wrote: ??????...????????????????!

Stevie B (au) wrote: This movie was really funny but it had a serious message too. I really liked this movie.

Farah R (nl) wrote: Not nearly half as good as its predecessor.

Fuc Yo F (fr) wrote: I want to see it now

Angela K (ag) wrote: It took me three days to watch this movie..... just couldn't get into it. I tried : (

eddie h (ru) wrote: If you havent seen, you NEED to!!!

Doctor S (de) wrote: OK pre-noir B-movie with striking Ella Raines determined to save her boss from death row by finding his only alibi to his wife's murder, a woman in a peculiar hat who nobody seems to remember. Boosted by some nifty lighting and frame composition, but a contrived plot applies a Medieval knowledge of mental illness as the psychological slant and the crafty Raines does some unbelievably stupid things just to create tension at the end. Ultimately it's nothing you haven't seen before, except perhaps the crazed drum solo at the tiny jazz club no larger than my closet which seems to take its cues from Reefer Madness!

Jon H (gb) wrote: ...Can you tell me where I can find a book on astronomy?......DON'T YOU KNOW THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM?!...

Justin A (fr) wrote: I remembered liking it a lot more than I did this second time around. The characters are paper thin and the script is... well, there isn't much of a script. This is all about the make-up and special effects and they are actually pretty good at times. Some of the sequences are laughable though (the grenade explosion outside the plane at the beginning and the final sequence that ends with the dog casually walking up and eating a mess were two "so bad they're funny" scenes). I can see why I forgot most of this movie though, as there just isn't much to it. I remembered the looks of some of the zombies and scarecrows, but other than that there just isn't much to much to write about. I didn't need to know why the scarecrows were alive and killing, but with such a thin plot at least give me interesting characters. Also, (and maybe I just misheard) the mercenaries/bank robbers stole $3 million, but have all this fancy equipment. I'm sure $3 million is great to live off of, but for all those rifles and high tech gear, I imagine it wasn't cheap just to set up their plan. What exactly was their profit after costs? Yeah, it's just a movie, I know, but that tells you where my mind was at early in the movie when that's all I could think of.