Lawak ke der? 2

Lawak ke der? 2

The popular reception of fans towards the comedy play "Lawak Ke Der" that was introduced in February last year, followed by the equally unexpectedly successful "Lawak Ke Der 2", led Tall Order Productions to come up with the idea to adapt the stage play to the silver screen. The appearance of all the best comedians in Malaysia like Nabil Ahmad, Afdlin Shauki, Harun Salim Bachik ("BOBOI"), Harith Iskandar and others like Johan and Zizan Raja Lawak, have successfully managed to make the audience laugh as long as its running time. Indeed, the idea that Hans Isaac came up with seems very plausible as it gives a chance to the audience outside of Klang Valley who did not get to watch their stage play at Istana Budaya a chance to watch it in theatres in Malaysia.

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