Set in the Depression-era Franklin County, Virginia, a bootlegging gang is threatened by authorities who want a cut of their profits.

Lawless is the true story of the infamous Bondurant Brothers: bootlegging siblings who made a run for the American Dream in Prohibition-era Virginia. Set in Depression-era Franklin County, Virginia, three bootlegging brothers are threatened by a new special deputy and other authorities angling for a cut of their profits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent K (ru) wrote: Best werewolf movie I've ever seen.

Lau W (br) wrote: Another type of documentary could have been made about this place but it would have never been close to Ferrara's version.There is the mildly rough editing and the re-enactments (with a Sid Vicious that doesn't look like Sid Vicious ) that we could have done without, but all in all it was interesting.More could have been said about this iconic place in NY but it was enough to get the whole idea of what it stands for.Priceless part with a deconstructed Milos Forman that is just awesome to watch.

Emanuel R (gb) wrote: During the peak of spaghetti westerns came this little gem with Brando at his subtle best. He plays Matt Fletcher, a Rambo like character from FIRST BLOOD who returns home for some peace and quiet. But Trini, (Anjanette), draws him into a web of jealousy and power control with the town's chief, Chuy, (John Saxon). At first it starts with a little scuffle over Matt's horse, an Appaloosa. But it digs deeper than that when morals are tested. Brando throws in the occasional modern slang that fits in to this western period. It's a joy to watch him and the story slowly unravel. This will have to be director Furie's best effort with the help of Russell Metty's photography.

Tom D (kr) wrote: another great action flick with betsy russell from avenging angel!

JHIMIAH S (de) wrote: BLIND LOVEIn the movie titanic rose and jack lifted the eyes of the young and old by their love. The couple are my interest peek of the movie. The fact that rose feels lonely and unheard and not really seen as a woman makes jack even more of a hero to me. He shows her life. She went from being this sad invisible girl that doesn't have a mind of her own into a ballsy woman. He truly adored her and made her feel like she had a mind of her own and could be free and alive. I don't think his character was made to be only her love interest or the one that opened her eyes to love. I think he was created to empower her and make her see the world in its true form. Jack is treated like a boot licker or less than. In the movie he shows that he is way more than that. He is very intelligent and can be one with how rose is accustomed to living. He enjoys the fruits in life and understands that not all fruit will stay fresh forever. Rose empowered him made him become a man not only in his eyes but in the eyes of the ones that watched the movie. He took the chance of going after a women that could have gotten him into a lot of trouble. He called her out on the things that he knew she really didn't feel were like her but of someone else's. He challenged her to be free and be her true self. Trust her heart and forget about what is expected of her. In the end she had plenty of chances to fall back into what she was used to. What could have even been safer. And in return for her following her heart and being true to herself he made sure that she knew that he loved her and that she was going to be something more than what she was told she was going to be.

Andrew Z (jp) wrote: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know when you are gonna meet some hippie that screws you over and over again, just to show back up to finally marry you because you are now loaded.

Michael W (es) wrote: I don't think this film deserves the status it has. I guess that maybe it was really edgy in its day, a hash depiction of ugly truths surrounding a tragically unnecessary war??? Maybe if I had seen it when I was 12 it still could have had that impact, but seeing it today for the first time, and as an adult, I failed to see what all the fuss is about. I'm more shaken by the real news that is reported every day.

LaTricia G (it) wrote: Light on the zombie, post-apocalyptic, love story. I thought it was an interesting concept. I didn't like the ending but enjoyed it over all.

Don S (de) wrote: The unlikeliest bunch of would-be thieves plan a caper to rip off $20 million from a supposed billionaire. For a movie with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy in it, the comedy is really not funny, and this pack of losers would never have pulled this off giving it zero credibility. Tea Leone's character was someone I'd like to meet though.