Lawyer Man

Lawyer Man

Idealistic attorney Anton Adam makes headlines when he successfully prosecutes a prominent New York racketeer named Gilmurry. Adam's sudden renown attracts the attention of high-profile ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ann T (es) wrote: This is a very disappointing movie; to the extent where the formal qualities are maintained, the writing qualities are more than mediocre. It is frustrating to witness such a mastery in filming yet lack of sensitivity in story telling. You have to witness the total downfall of a one single man without ever, ever, have the chance to really see the world as he sees it. Relationships he once had, the life he once had and torn apart; the life he has now and how it is his. You can hear Ben, his friend, saying: " I am not helping because it is right; this is wrong. It is ugly, man." and this is it: it only gets uglier and Ben was only there to tell the audience JUST that.

Rob T (ag) wrote: In time when Horror Films seem to be losing their sense of self and focusing on either pure GORE or random acts of violence without much substance, I found this little gem of a horror flick. In a throwback to the 80s classics such as The Howling, Friday the13th and Sleep Away Camp this film is surprisingly enjoyable. You have your youths going up to a cabin for one last hoorah and they come up upon some evil in them there mountains. I dont want to give to much away but the dialogue is at times witty and with little jabs at the movies of old, the writers and director are obviously fans of the old style horror films. This is less polished and more dirty without the gore and random nudity that doesnt further the story. If anyone happens to be anywhere around one of the festivals this is currently playing in, drop in and go back to the 80s with a wonderful little indie gem in Rabid Love.

Raymond S (au) wrote: Good coming-of-age story

Horror F (ca) wrote: Though not as good as the first two, Halloween 4 is a memorable, dark, and mostly appreciated entry! Even though Donald Pleasence returns as the trench coat wearing hero of the first films, we are introduced to new targets for Michael. With Danielle Harris and Ellie Cornell playing sisters who try to survive the night, you can really feel for them and want to see them make it. With all that said, give this film a watch for your Halloween fix!

Gary O (br) wrote: Excellent !! love Mickey Rourke !!

Allan C (br) wrote: Terrific thriller about a group of armed men who hijack a NYC subway train and then seek to extort one million dollars from the city or they'll execute the hostages. Walter Matthau plays a head honcho at the transit authority who negotiates with the hijackers over radio and is a commanding screen presence. Matthau is greatly aided by a terrific supporting cast of NYC character actor types that includes Jerry Stiller, Kenneth McMillan, Joe Seneca, Bill Cobbs and Tony Roberts. The bad guys in the cast include Robert Shaw, Martin Balsam and Hector Elizondo. Directed by Joseph Sargent, who was for the most part a journeyman director who did make a few cool movies like "White Lightweight" and "The Man," but who for the most part did a lot of TV work and a lot of unmemorable of films, which is surprising considering he made this one that stands out as a terrifically smart and suspenseful classic. And I don't necessarily think it's a case of Sargent being elevated by the cast and script. His direction is stylish and wonderfully tight. Top all this off with a classic score by David Shire, which incidentally was chosen as one of the top 10 film scores of all time by NPR.

John S (mx) wrote: I'd only ever seen Ken Russell's embarrassing later work, so watching the Devils was an absolute revelation. It still looks like no other film: the stark modernist sets and costumes are incredibly impressive. So are Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave: he's surprisingly restrained and she's brilliantly put of control.Yes, it is still kind of shocking, but also surprisingly relevant. Masterpiece? Yes, absolutely.

Gianluca F (gb) wrote: film capolavoro di jodorowsky, alla pari con la montagna sacra e il topo.. gi dall'inizio si capisce come sar il film

K D (kr) wrote: I didn't know what to expect, seeing James Cagney in a musical, but he pulled it off much better than I could have thought. The pace of this film seemed, quick, as I'm sure it was intended to be, and a whirlwind performer like Cagney fit the bill. I was expecting the normal musical... sing, talk... sing, talk... but this was different. There was a build up, suspense... yes, suspense in a musical, and for someone who doesn't get up in arms about musicals, I was actually excited to see the numbers. The acts were a whole other story! This movie should be seen for the water act, "By the Waterfall", alone!! I simply couldn't believe the choreography involved and just when you think you've seen something amazing, another splendor splashes across the screen. And who couldn't help but feel for Cagney's secretary, Joan Blondell, who just couldn't catch a break throughout the whole film. That is the type of woman any man would love to have, and finally Cagney got it right... its too bad the lights went out at the end! Overall, very interesting "musical" if you could even call it that. I really enjoyed it, both for the suspense and plot in the first part of the film and the fantastic scenes during the last half hour, and even seeing Cagney tap dance was great!

David L (mx) wrote: Battle Royale gives the education system a whole new look in this Japanese thriller, which as simplistic as it is, was a joy to watch. When 50 students board a bus for what they think is a school trip, never did they think that what awaits them was a deserted island that only one of them would survive. Armed with a random weapon or device to supposedly aid their chance of living, the pupils whittle each other down one by one in what is actually a government ploy to control teenagers and prevent the rise of juvenile crime in Asia. It is a simple case of kill or be killed where friendships no longer matter as only a single individual can regain their freedom. Like several other action films before it, this has its heroes and villains making it obvious which characters will be involved in the final showdown. That doesn't detract from what is a thoroughly entertaining yet gruesome game of cat and mouse. Very much the same concept as the Hunger Games, but without the make up and special effects, you don't need to be a genius to follow it. All you need is a spare couple of hours, a reasonably strong stomach, and an ability to follow subtitles as well as viewing the motion picture. At first I thought the language barrier may make watching this slightly frustrating, but you soon get used to it, and other than the annoying high pitched squeal of several of the Eastern children screaming, it's not that off putting. Familiarisation with some of the participants can be tricky, but you'll not forget the main antagonists and it's them that make this movie, not the good guys. This is by far one of the more memorable foreign adventures I've seen and definitely worth a watch in my eyes. Scary to think about the twisted storyline becoming reality in this, so just thankful I'm now beyond my schooling days.

Patrick W (ca) wrote: Star Trek's attempt at making a veiled political statement. Like other films at the time in the 80s that were writing scripts with familiar characters to take on world issues, Star Trek decided to jump on the "Save the Whales" campaign. An alien probe comes to earth and threatens the planet. Since all of the humpback whales had long been extinct in the future, the Enterprise has to go back in time to get a few whales to communicate with the probe. Some comic relief with crew members going from the future to the 80s and dealing with the time jump but other than that, it is a flat film that is too obvious in its reach as far as the point the script is trying to make.

David T (de) wrote: The quality of this film's poster/box art is just about equal to the quality of the movie itself. What starts out as a surprisingly decent first half quickly turns into a mind-numbingly tedious and horribly acted second half. Another found footage film that expects us to believe that there would be horribly cheap video fx trying to recreate camcorder static and an ominous musical score backing the tapes that were found and seized (and publicly mass-released) by the US Government. My eyes literally hurt from rolling them so often while watching this movie. This is nothing but more bottom of the barrel Redbox garbage, but if you have half a brain you should (hopefully) be able to tell that from one quick glance at the inept box art.

Jeff S (fr) wrote: The Great Bernard Herrmann soundtrack is a huge part of this films appeal