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ShawnRay M (us) wrote: I was bored about 2 minutes into this movie but kept watching in hopes that would change. It didn't. Maybe I just wasn't feeling this tonight.

James B (jp) wrote: A powerful message. Everyone should see this.

Paul B (us) wrote: When will these film makers realize they aren't making Christianity better, but they're making movies worse? Facing the Giants is a laughably over-the-top display of spiritual drama unrealistically drenched in syrupy prosperity preaching.

Phil D (us) wrote: oh dear...tarantino REALLY cant act though!

Jacob W (nl) wrote: I have no idea how people on RT could hate this movie so much. This is an excellent holiday film for families. It's hilarious, over-the-top, heartwarming, and filled with memorable one-liners.

Robert B (de) wrote: What you get out of Teorema will largely be based on your appreciation of it as art and how it challenged in its time. Teorema is more film-based art than an art house film (which I often rate up). As a film, I found Teorema to be tedious and unnatural / contrived and rate it down. Could easily see a contemporary art lover going the opposite way and rating it up.

Russell G (nl) wrote: RASHOMAN set on the frontier. Dead solid courtroom drama dealing with race. Everyone is perfect, and it moves at the perfect pace. One of Fords best, for sure.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Esther Williams romantic musical comedy about movie star Williams in the middle of a love triangle on the set of her latest film. Navy technical advisor Peter Lawford is in love with her, but she's engaged to her on set co-star, Ricardo Montalban. It's all fluff, but it enjoyable enough. Montalban is great, as always and it's fun to see him do some musical numbers. There's also Jimmy Durante, Xavier Cugat and one of my favorite female dancers, Cyd Charisse.

Elliott B (ca) wrote: Okish prequel to Monsters Inc. Bit boring at times. Snail post credits missed all the classes of the year arriving in summer!

Shari F (es) wrote: This movie left me wanting more. The script was ok. The cast was good but they can only do so much with the script given. There needed to be a bit more plot development. A little more comedy. A little more romance.

Brett C (br) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:I am not the easiest person to impress when it comes to comedy but every once in a while comes a film that would catch me off guard, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is one of those films. But is it the perfect film that I thought this was going to be? Certainly not, but it is the type of film that would fulfil the expectations and hype that surrounds Howard Hawks and Marilyn Monroe.Don't expect anything special in the film's plot as it doesn't offer any depth, but one thing is for sure, that Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a hilariously fun ride. The film's hook is in its characters as the film rarely strays away from them, both Lorelei and Dorothy are an odd pairing due to their polarising values and characteristics, but the longer I watch these two together on screen, the more I adore them being together. Dorothy may not offer much in terms of comedy, but she does deliver the film's heart, she provides so much support for her best-friend even if the decisions that Lorelei makes are morally wrong, as long as that she is happy. Lorelei on the other hand is a seductive and shallow individual, driven by the idea that wealth is happiness. Her personality is a risk to the people around her, particularly her best-friend, as she is determined to get what she wants and her methods aren't exactly subtle. She provides the film's comedy because the character firmly believes in her values and isn't aware that it is causing such harm to others. If the writers wrote both of the film's characters to possess Lorelei's personality then I would have shown little care for them.It is the film's story that brings the film down as there lacked a sense of goal during the first half an hour of the film. These aren't the type of characters that require a long introduction, as it brings the pace down. When the film's complication does set itself in, I started to become more engaged with the situation as the film's comedy started to appear. The first complication of the film, remedied itself far too quickly but fortunately the second complication arises fast and more threatening towards the characters. The film's third act was pure fun, had me laughing so much that I didn't even care how ridiculous the resolution was. The film certainly ended in a clich way, but after everything the film led me through, I didn't care.After seeing Niagara, I was a tad underwhelmed with Marilyn Monroe's performance, but Gentlemen Prefer Blondes proved to me just how much of a bombshell she is. Monroe's alluring performance is fantastic; there are very few actresses who could play ditsy but not relying on their superficial qualities to keep the audience engaged. I also enjoyed Jane Russell's performance as she brought this quality to her role that I felt empathetic towards her.Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a strong Old Hollywood film that features charming characters and hilarious dialogue. A great start to Howard Hawks' filmography.