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Lazybones is an idle baronet. He hasn't a care in the world until his father cuts him off without a penny. He then meets an American heiress & marries her but finds she has been ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lazybones torrent reviews

Sean W (nl) wrote: best werewolf more ever

Anaideia E (jp) wrote: I liked the fact that the children are the killers, they have no pity for this couple and that's amazing

Michael R (fr) wrote: Except for the violence and cigarette smoking that goes on I was highly excited by the rendition of soldiers and their traumatic experiences

Simon D (br) wrote: quite a strange film. It wasn't the most exciting, I had to see it in two sittings but it was very nicely put together with some excellent music. The contrast between the serene atmosphere and the twisted story is like listening to a smiths song, girlfriend in a coma probably best fits.

Eva L (ag) wrote: SO CUTE!!! Cole and Dylan Sprouse play a young boy who sees his dad dressed as Santa kissing his mom and begins a war with Santa... this is one boy who does not want santa to come to his house xmas eve.

Luke B (au) wrote: The first film was so successful at causing doubt that a lot of restrictions were placed on this second film. Now only one parent of the murdered boys is willing to take part, no footage is allowed to be recorded in court, and the attorneys of two of the accused will not be interviewed. As such, this film has to struggle to find more things to detail, and also has less scope than the original. This film is mostly about saying that it could have been somebody else. They find reported teeth marks on one of bodies, which some experts argue aren't teeth marks and some say that they are. All this means is that how can we trust "experts" when they argue with each other. A lot of focus is placed on John Mark Byers. Here is a man that comes off as mentally unstable, has a violent and drug filled past, lies (or is at least very confused) about aspects of his life. How can you tell three different stories about how you lost your teeth? I mean really different stories. It's aggravating that somebody with such a poor grasp on reality cannot even consider the boys' innocence (I've read that now he does). His wife dies due to undetermined causes and still he is less of a subject than the three boys. Again, this film isn't about who did it, only that it may not have been these boys, and there is no real evidence to suggest that it was. I'm glad these guys are now out of jail, and hope Berlinger and others will continue their investigations to find the real killers, even if that just means finding proof that it was these boys.

Stephen J (au) wrote: so remarkably bad! ..and with continuity and effects that makes Plan 9 look like Star Wars and then 20 min in suddenly becomes a musical? wtf?

cli o (nl) wrote: not thanks not my thing

DC F (es) wrote: A little slow at times but ridiculously stupid which works to its credit and makes it a good shock.

Hector R (br) wrote: Full on Force of Nature

Jennifer M (nl) wrote: This was pretty interesting.