Le avventure di Barbapapà

Le avventure di Barbapapà


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Brendan R (es) wrote: A two story movie, and I'm not sure which part I enjoyed more: the restoration of the clubs building or the story about the two main character's relationship. Studio Ghibli delivers again.

Nick A (kr) wrote: Though I felt where they were going with this, the movie was spoiled for me in the first 5 minutes. Sure, it had the necessary comic relief afterwards, but then at the end they got back to what was in the beginning, and the sourness returns.

Tom T (jp) wrote: fantastic way to end decade

Dorothy M (au) wrote: I felt that it was slanted to show and say things to only prove their point of view. I was not sure if it was true.

Jacob W (jp) wrote: Story develops a little slow, great performance by Jeff Bridges, definitely shows Seattle.

JD E (ru) wrote: One of lamberts better roles.

Rob L (it) wrote: A weighty, three hour account of the Tolpuddle martyrs' attempts to form one of the earliest unions in nineteenth century Dorset, this noble film does unfortunately meander somewhat. The first two hours are occupied with scenes of the hardship prevalent at the time and the protagonists are painted in very saintly light, save for the role occupied by a young Keith Allen, flowing locks and all. Only at the very start of the film do we see any of the machine breaking which resulted in the martyrs' deportation. But things improve dramatically in the final third. The action switches to Australia and the tough conditions of a burgeoning colony are very well portrayed. Indeed, this section could well have been expanded and made into a film in its own right. We may then have been spared Baz Luhrmann's attempt to portray his country's history.

Isaiah H (ag) wrote: Fantastic!!! And epic in every way

Eddie D (gb) wrote: Classic depraved Franco flick, featuring the wonderful Lina Romay!!Mondo Macabro has finally given this lost classic a proper DVD release!!

Bob T (au) wrote: Better than average sci fi film.

Tony P (ag) wrote: This third film in the Alien franchise lacks the polish of its predecessors Alien and Aliens.Indeed it is the directorial debut of David Fischer who on reflection must see he is no Ridley Scott or James Cameron.Sigourney Weaver returns as weary Ellen Ripley whose ship crash lands on a prison planet along with an alien!The cast of Aliens die in the crash apart from Ripley. Perhaps that alone is a sign of things to come in this film.The only saving grace I could see was some of the casting including the late great Brian Glover as some kind of prison governor. Glover was in Kes and An American Warewolf In London.The Alien itself is a nasty piece of work but all in all the special effects of it are pretty mediocre and would grace a TVM.I can't believe I gave the original Alien such criticism after watching this rubbish. Hence the score!To make it worse Weaver as Ripley sports a horrendous skinhead haircut ala Nothing Compares 2 u. Everytime she appeared on screen I couldn't get that horrendous music video out of my head.I see that this production was beset with problems. It shows on screen.

Cody C (au) wrote: There's a good movie trapped in this one. Really doesn't justify its runtime. We're talking 131 minutes, and you really feel the minutes. Plays like an extended cut or whatever. Also I hate all the goddamn grey. There's just grey every goddamn where. I can't give this one a positive review even though there's good stuff in it. Solid 2 1/2 out of 5.

Frances H (jp) wrote: A fun watch with some nice special effects, but the main reason to watch it is Helen Mirren.