Le café du pont

Le café du pont

Ten-year-old Pierrot is just another kid. For the time being, he grows with his younger brother Jeannot in a flat above "Le Café du Pont", run by his loving parents, a place that attracts ...

Ten-year-old Pierrot is just another kid. For the time being, he grows with his younger brother Jeannot in a flat above "Le Café du Pont", run by his loving parents, a place that attracts ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ravishankar N (jp) wrote: I haven't read the book but quite a decent movie. The screenplay was crisp and ably supported by the actors. It certainly brought back memories of Kolkata 2001.

Huw G (de) wrote: Bleak but not overwhelmingly so, and claustrophobic in a small town way. Great cinematography both for its seemingly endless icy wastes and for its fascinating impressions of a remote, unfamiliar culture, unfortunately dealing with all too familiar social problems. Contrary to some reviews, the acting is well up to the mark, particularly Patkotak's entrancing performance as Qalli. Obviously professional actors' tricks of the trade were not in evidence, but they're so often overused, and in my opinion inappropriate here anyway. Niggles really were just that, and easily ignored. Completely engrossing.

Anna B (jp) wrote: I had no idea what this movie was about before watching it, so the wings were a bit of a shock, and I thought the plot had taken a terrible nose-dive at that point. (No pun intended.) But as it went on I realised that it lined up with what I thought was happening at the start, if you keep the opening scene in mind and take the events more as a representation of a woman's justification for her actions than the movie's literal reality. It's still not the greatest film ever made, but it's pretty cool as an exercise in subtextual plot.

Daniel L (kr) wrote: Fascinating and funny.

Peter A (ru) wrote: This should go down as a top-tier survival film. I connected with these characters, their individual needs to escape Siberia, and how they struggled together as a group against the elements.

Mario R (nl) wrote: Walter Salles is back with a great film, if not innovative.

Anna K (it) wrote: Oh my freaking god so messed up and well done! Amazing.

Kelly S (kr) wrote: Interested to know more about this one

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Steve W (br) wrote: Chock full of stars, Shadows and Fog is Woody Allen's homage to German expressionism films such as M (1930) or Mad Love (1935). Too bad its completely goes nowhere, offers few laughs, and is not satisfying when it comes to resolution or anything else.

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Mike L (it) wrote: Good film of own time, but slightly archaic for today