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Cande P (kr) wrote: Historia simple y obvia pero con excelentes musicales

Syed A (fr) wrote: i bet you will sleep while watching this one.......even the actors slept while shooting for it lolz

Ahmad K (br) wrote: surprised by the skills of Michael!

William C (au) wrote: I liked it more than I thought I would.B+

Dann M (es) wrote: A comically bad B-horror movie, Troll is incredibly bizarre. The story is unbelievably stupid, and follows a mischievous troll who disguises himself as a little girl who goes around an apartment complex transforming the tenants into trolls. Jenny Beck is surprisingly good for a child actress, but the rest of the cast is awful. And the costume designs and troll puppets are extremely cartoonish; which undercuts the horror. Troll is a cheesy, low-budget film that's poorly made, and it doesn't deliver any scares.

Augustine H (ca) wrote: Alain Resnais is indeed a genius by turning the opening into a documentary revealing the suffering of the Japanese without deviating from the protagonists with the repetitive dialogues. Also, the masterful adoption of the stream of consciousness has combined personal grievances and national trauma with the nonlinear footage. Together with the metaphorical symbolisms, the film has well-qualified for a historical landmark in terms of technical excellence. However, personally speaking, just like what Eiji Okada said to Emmanuelle Riva in the first 30 minutes, I just don't get it as I find myself constantly distant from the sorrow Resnais means to deliver.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Okay melodrama/sudo-film noir about a Mildred Pierce type of character. Ann Sheridan plays a nightclub singer who hooks up with married doctor Kent Smith, which then leads to her enduring all sorts of ups and downs and indignities. Smith got top billing in the film, so I'm not quite sure if he was supposed to be the main characte because Sheridan clearly steals the film. Now considered a "woman's noir," it's not a classic like Pierce, but it's certainly worth checking out.

Grant S (jp) wrote: Pretty bad.After a near-death experience a government agent / superhero, Elektra (played by Jennifer Garner), retires to an island and, reluctantly at first, befriends her neighbours, a father and his teenage daughter. However, a criminal cartel is after her and they are using the best resources at their disposal...Was interesting, initially. The whole "agent retires and then is forced back into service due to the bad dudes who won't let her retire in peace" isn't that new, but it was interesting enough. The interest didn't last long. Pretty soon the movie resorted to lame, by-the-numbers, action scenes and supernatural villains, plus random turns of events that save the day.Even the action scenes aren't done very well. In an effort to blind us with all that impossible martial arts stuff that gets kids to watch a movie, the director speeds up the action scenes too much, and makes them unfocused and confusing.Avoid.

jesse k (it) wrote: Doesn't look like this movie can be salvaged.

Janika Maria B (nl) wrote: the cover looks interesting.....unfortunately, it's not enough to make me want to watch it~

Nicole o (kr) wrote: You know that embarrassingly juvenile friend you can not shake? Magnify him by a thousand and you get Barry.His three friends can not take it anymore and think if he just found someone then they could be rid of him. And that's how you get: Someone Marry Barry.It's not that Desmond, Rafe and Kurt hate Barry. They just don't want to be active friends with him anymore. Their camp mate friendship with the 'inappropriate dude' from elementary school doesn't justify a friendship that should have faded away long ago.Barry is not necessarily a bad guy, he is just an "embarrassment, a detriment to [their] livelihood and reputations, a social wrecking ball." Tyler Labine is pivotal to the success of this movie, his likeability makes Barry's antics not completely intolerable and at times endearingly oblivious. Labine plays the crudest, lewdest, bluntest character imaginable but the film isn't at all cheap or grotesque. His friends, played by Wayans, MacArthur, Middleditch. are not malicious and the search for Barry's mate comes from a place of desperation and love; keeping the film light and entertaining. Damon Wayans Jr. is the comedic star of the trio and I can't wait to watch his career progress.All plot points and scenarios are sufficiently ridiculous for a comedy but written by Rob Pearlstein to be cohesive with the story. Someone Marry Barry is about a crass man meeting his equal and opposite in a mate so the humor is offensive and perverted by nature.After Barry meets his love interest Mel, played by Lucy Punch, the film slows down significantly. The main source of entertainment and humor, the friend dynamic and their interaction, changes with the addition of Mel and 'find him love' dilemma removal.Someone Marry Barry is a unique and refreshingly light comedy but is not for everyone.