Le coeur des hommes 2

Le coeur des hommes 2

Alex, Antoine, Jeff and Manu. Four friends, four years later. Their relationships, friendship, shared secrets, feelings of guilt and their desire to change and improve.

Alex, Antoine, Jeff and Manu. Four friends, four years later. Their relationships, friendship, shared secrets, feelings of guilt and their desire to change and improve. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Le coeur des hommes 2 torrent reviews

dan u (au) wrote: Beautiful dances and dancers. The story is so so - a little sad.

Michael W (mx) wrote: Just saw it on TV. Bad even for a B Grade SciFi movie. Storm coming into CA but weather scope was of southern FL. Bad acting. Unjointed scenes - clear sky and violent storm in same scene. Not worth the watch.

Hunter W (br) wrote: Rarely has something come along that is as imaginative and unique as Inception, thank goodness it happens to be equally as great.

Konrad A (de) wrote: When I saw this movie I was laughing so much with good humor and a good Comity!! And what makes this movie funny is that Otis is a mail cow and he has Udders. But female cows have udders. Not mail cows so that's what it makes it funny! And Otis walks on 2 legs so he is not a normal how he is pretty goofy and likes to play around!! So that's funny!! Otis is my favorite character!! The music in this movie is great to hear and listen to. See this funny movie!

Simon S (us) wrote: Leatherheads is overlong by about 20 minutes, and features a less-than-compelling plot, but its light-hearted charm and charismatic leads help provide some laughs and keep things entertaining for the most part.

Naneen K (it) wrote: what a stupid movie! omg running around for nothing!!!! wasted three hours of my life!

Alastair S (nl) wrote: Spellbinding, dark and multi-layered. Withstands multiple viewings and still leaves you scratching your head as you find new detail.

Eric H (gb) wrote: This film is good fun. Okay, so maybe the story is lacking, but if you are looking for a good film to sit and watch with your mates, then this is it. I found this to be highly entertaining, the death scenes very gory and bloody, but who cares what society thinks. If I like it, then I'll watch it, and I recommend that you do the same.

Emilie M (jp) wrote: one of my favorite dramas. chilling to the bone, unpredictable and some fantastic performances. This is one movie I walk never forget.

Sam K (br) wrote: A thoroughly ridiculous kung fu movie, starring Jet Li, who remains completely & serious throughout the whole movie. Any film containing a fat kid who performs a "spinning meat wheel" is alright by me.

Christian P (it) wrote: I love this movie - it's so obscure, so few people have even heard of it, yet it's so amazingly original and unique. This is the movie that made me want to become a film-maker! Genuinely funny, visually breath-taking, and just a whole lot of fun. Someone bring it out on DVD!! I only have an old battered VHS copy!!

Brian H (es) wrote: wondered what it was all about for the first few minuets, but soon settled back and really enjoyed the story and the action. Still thinking about it a couple of days later

Adrian B (us) wrote: I love these 'Road to ...' films. Set during the Gold Rush, Hope and Crosby are on fine form to deliver their unique brand of comedy.

Amy H (fr) wrote: Powerful and wonderful movie but can be slow

l i n d (es) wrote: It was somewhat fun, but oh-so-boring! Liked the cast, though.

tommy j (kr) wrote: Loveless Games is a good see through the eyes of the privacy world

Neil K (gb) wrote: Well shot film, despite missing out on the relationship between the two main characters but with the summer in the 70's feeling and the music, made up for it. Story still interesting but a few questions still to be answered!