Le coeur des hommes 3

Le coeur des hommes 3


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Generoso F (br) wrote: Like Bertolucci's "Before The Revolution" (which this film makes literal reference to) "Les Amants reguliers" is a meditative personal look at Paris in May of 1968. The film's free form narrative does not force the viewers attention which keeps the story from falling into sentimentality such as Bertolucci's later horrendous film, The Dreamers which deals with the same subject matter. Stunning photography and well timed use of music gives you an interesting feel for the period.

Peliha I (kr) wrote: This is one of the worst animated movies that I ever see beside Live Action Sailor Moon.

Angel R (it) wrote: My momma was an extra

Ryan V (br) wrote: Gimmicky failure. This was when Van Damme's career really came off the tracks and Dennis Rodman was trying to remain relevant as his basketball life was starting to wind down.

Julian V (de) wrote: This movie was awful. Bad soundtrack and rehashed action scenes. The background narration that Wesley Snipes does almost makes it comical.

Ryan V (ru) wrote: This really isn't a good movie. But it's a fun one. It's an 80s treat that was released in 1990. It stars Peter Horton (relevant tv star at the time) and C. Thomas Howell (desperately clinging to relevancy). It's almost as if someone saw the beach volleyball scene in Top Gun and said, "Let's do that for 2 hours, but with less expensive actors."

The Critic (de) wrote: A wonderful, casually paced film about the pursuit of love, happiness, and acceptance with the charming Harvey Firestein breaking the third dimension to bring his audience into his world. Fine support from Anne Bancroft, Brian Kerwin, Eddie Castrodad, and the very likeable Matthew Broderick keep this engaging production on track. Funny, touching, and very humane.

Alex M (gb) wrote: I heard this called a "black comedy". I wouldn't agree with that at all. In a way, I feel that this film is a waste of two good directions - the shocking and graphic imagery does battle with the story to take centre stage, and I reckon that the story was strong enough on its own to develop further. A shame.

Stella D (gb) wrote: pretty great, like sirk meets siegel, or peyton place with armed robbery. gorgeous wide screen technicolor too

bridgette f (ru) wrote: i still love this movie,an oldie but a goodie

aaron s (gb) wrote: Basically the same as the first but worse. less good humor, and a less then good performance by Will Smith.

Jason A (mx) wrote: A nice diversion but nothing special.