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Le colis


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Mokeitha W (nl) wrote: I wasn't happy that I watching a musical with a little plot going thru the play. The songs were too long and not fitting for the scenes.

Donald Z (au) wrote: This one actually turned out to be much better than I was expecting, and for the most part avoids the overly maudlin approach that one could fear about a movie of this genre. It probably deserved the best picture oscar, but relying on them to get it right seems silly, anyway. Um... yeah. This Daniels guy looks like somebody to watch. Maybe I'll check out Shadowboxer, who knows? Oh, yeah, and you will, I believe, be a more empathetic person after seeing this movie. And this will be a good thing. You will use this to your advantage. It will not weaken you. It will only make you stronger. Mang.

Mlanie V (mx) wrote: Je ne l'ai pas termin. Bon je faisais autre chose en mme temps, il me restait un neurone efficace mais a m'a sembl lent et sans intrt. Me convaincrai vous de lui donner une seconde chance?

Brandi J (it) wrote: *Spoiler* lolIt was a pretty good movie overall, but I don't really like that it had the same ending as Night Of The Living Dead with the survivor getting shot.

Tim M (au) wrote: Doom is an appropriate name for the Gump-like main character. Westerns are great when they have machine-guns, this one has rockets and a midget too! The 50's aesthetics are beautiful, but it is too long and melodramatic.

Sam M (kr) wrote: All you need is focus and you'll enjoy it. Clever plot.

Tom H (gb) wrote: this crap was beyond bad. this must have been a student flick or something. and i would be surprised if the director did`nt get a big damned F! the leading man is just laughable, the editing sucks. and the plot in general is just god awful!

Grant H (es) wrote: Pretty good. Tense, kinda creepy, good performances, great effects, and a great directing job from Carpenter.

Marcus G (de) wrote: I want to make a sequel. "Enemy."

Erick F (au) wrote: Very weird movie. I simply did not expect it to go that way. Meaning, the main character is kind of shitty and has no redeemable qualities. Like at all. Right off the bat he rapes a woman. Kills a bunch of people for no reason other than they thought he was shitty (he is). Then the town hires him to help find out some impending doom bad guys, and he makes the town do everything he wants. (Some of it strange, including painting the town literally red). Then when the bad guys show up, he leaves. Cause fuck it. Let's them have a firefight with the towns people. Then shows back up and bullwhips the bad guys, then leaves. Strange movie, but very entertaining. Just kind of felt like a weird acid trip. Good concept, good execution.

Little B (ca) wrote: A story about a maternal love and social climbing as well as a reflection on the class conflict, fate and self-determination. More grotesque than realist. Touching and effective.

Jason (mx) wrote: This is the 50's western that I judge all others against.

Andrew K (au) wrote: Very underrated cyberpunk film based on a short story by William Gibson. You should see ONLY really watch the Special Edition of the film. It was only released in Japan with 10-15 minutes addition footage and a completely different soundtrack. It is like a totally new film, and the script was written by Gibson but butchered for the American release. I still miss the American soundtrack regardless. :)

Charles P (jp) wrote: There is no joy in seeing a film that is a tornado of special effects and monsters that menace children.