Le cri du coeur

Le cri du coeur

Moctar lives in Mali with his mother Saffi and his ailing grandfather. One day, Saffi receives a letter from France which overwhelms her with happiness. Ibrahim Sow, her husband and ...

Moctar lives in Mali with his mother Saffi and his ailing grandfather. One day, Saffi receives a letter from France which overwhelms her with happiness. Ibrahim Sow, her husband and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin R (de) wrote: Revenge is a slow and painfully brutal process, as told by countless films. What makes Blue Ruin stand out from the crowd is the grotesque violence and realism in its action. It shows the dirt and grime of it, a more true nature that does not come off comically like everyone's go to thought of a Quentin Tarantino movie. No, Blue Ruin's violence serves a greater purpose than bloody fun, because this blood is not fun.Set in a melancholy tone with lots of uses of the color blue, hence the use of the title Blue Ruin, being about complete and utter devastation. Like director Jeremy Saulnier's following film, Green Room, color plays as much of a role in the film as does anything else. In the beginning, we see Dwight (Macon Blair) in one of the lowest points of his life, slumming it with the poor. In these sequences, blue is used within the entire environment around him, showing the world of hurt he's in without telling us what has happened yet. As the film progresses, less blue is used, as sort of a growth of some sorts, but it does not leave entirely.As for the production of Blue Ruin, it came as a shock to discover it was funded through the popular website Kickstarter, with 438 backers pledging $37,828 (added to the total $42,000 budget). Compared to the high-octane violent movies of 2013, which includes the likes of A Good Day To Die Hard, White House Down, and Kick-Ass 2, all of which costed several million to make, it is baffling how much better Blue Ruin handles its action. Yes, it's not an end of the world scenario, but the simple fact that Blue Ruin used actual blue packet squibs heightens the overall effect in my book.I don't feel a need to get into the details of the story, as I'd rather not spoil the details. It's a fairly standard revenge story with a few tricks and turns, but none maniacal enough to place it on a level of Oldboy (2003). The journey Dwight goes through is vicious and practically life altering, which in itself is both difficult and enjoyable to watch. The pacing aligns more along the lines of No Country For Old Men (2007), being slow and quiet when it needs to, and fast and brutal when it gains momentum. Although No Country For Old Men handles this pacing more elegantly, Blue Ruin still holds up without ever becoming tedious. It falters at times, but not enough to make the overall picture suffer.Blue Ruin is a very well made movie. It uses its visual storytelling well enough and its story as best as it can. Though its not as good of a movie as Green Room, especially in its story and execution, it provides excellent a gut-wrenching, somber movie experience that will please the genre fans. New watchers of this genre be warned, it's not easy to describe just how real things get.Grade: B+

bill s (us) wrote: More thriller than horror but just enough thrills to warrant a one time watch....just do not over think it.

Agus B (nl) wrote: pesima terrible que asco

Vishnu N (ru) wrote: The theme is overburdeningly political , no point denying that there is a political agenda . Donot go for the ethical and moral questions about portraying real living individuals as assassin victims or elevated presidents . Subtle attempts at being politically corrrect , to have a social message of not to label any faith or religious denomination on mere assumptions might be there ,attempts to go on record about the simmering discontent of Iraq war veterans and their families upon the loss of life or limb also may be underlying . The social message is well conceived and put forth . All these apart this is a very powerful sobering fictional documentary ( if that is the right word ). It is the story telling and the wave of credible emotions that struck me . A must see for any serious contemporary movie watcher . A wonderful film !!!

Eddie F (ru) wrote: Overlooked, underrated movie ?? looking forward to the TV series.

Krista B (it) wrote: A pleasant surprise. Despite its non-existent budget, Ghosts of Edendale manages to be quite the impressive little indie horror flick. Plot-wise, it's nothing that we haven't seen in The Shining and a million haunted house films, but suspense- and scare-wise, it's not bad at all. In fact, the lack of budget ends up complimenting the film, giving us simple, monochromatic spooks that are somehow eerier than many of their big-budget counterparts. The actors are competant - particularly Stephen Wastell as Kevin - and a number of scenes are quite effective and memorable. It's not a fantastic film - it suffers mainly due to its unoriginal plot that never really comes together - but it's enjoyable. Check it out.

Freddie K (kr) wrote: "At least our kid isn't a little wimpy-ass faggot!"This is probably the most unexciting movie that can be ever so entertaining.Carnage is set in one building, in which a meeting of two parent pairs spirals out of control because of an incident involving their children.The good? Carnage is like watching a play. But it's a film. The acting is so genuine and audience appealing for realistic drama that it's right in front of your eye. John C Reily, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and Jodie Foster act like they have never done a bad movie in their life, exuberant confidence and power. They shine like magnificently unlike-able stars in a bleak, worthless sky. The script is something new and unique, it's like eating a gourmet meal at a Michelin star restaurant whilst having an argument with your family, delectably interesting and sways energy to and fro. This movie truly exposes hypocrisy in parenthood, a situation based on a break on control, breaking and breaking and breaking into little pieces until it is merely dust, insults, alcohol, vomit and marriage regret. And the best part is? No one is innocent. A mockery made, gleefully poking fun at the contestants in the 'Whose the dumbest?' game show as they argue about what 1+1 equals...except they all answer 3, 4 and 5.The bad? Carnage is a film that isn't exciting or stand out at all. In subtlety and dialogue, it is a masterpiece but it needs to be longer...transform the carnage into what the first causing incident was. A full cyclical turn to connect the dots would make this flow like milk.Carnage is beautifully tense and sleak in it's critiques. A must see for screenwriters and actors. Turns you into a smug little son of a bitch, and that's what the film is trying to prove upon human nature. You think you're slick? Think again...A88/100

Nagarjuna K (nl) wrote: A fun movie to watch.

Jo Y (it) wrote: Johnny and June are in this.gotta be good

Jeff Z (jp) wrote: It's pretty hard to make a bad submarine movie, but this one accomplishes that difficult feat by having no pace,tension, strong character conflicts or strong mission. James Garner heads a cast that includes Edmond O'Brien, Richard Bakalyan, Warren Oates and Frank Gifford. But the guy who really shines in this is Skipper Alan Hale. He has every bit as much charm as his dad did as a supporting character. It made me wish he'd guest starred on "Rockford Files" sometime. Perhaps the worst part of this film is Braden's mission to the island which seems to take place mostly in broad daylight. That of course is easier to shoot than at night and its easier to see Garner. Exactly the problem. As for O'Brien's trying to win back the respect of his crew, I couldn't have cared less. Oh, and ask yourself this: if Braden went underwater to repair damage after the first airplane attack, shouldn't he at least have CHECKED if there was any further damage after the second attack, when he was trying to get out of the water?

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Tristan M (it) wrote: I'm not one to review movies of this type, and typically find myself bored with them. But this is a amazing movie. Sean Penn delivers his best performance, and the other actors do great as well. The cinematography is good, and so is the script. It's so sad, powerful, well done, and simply great. Sean Penns best movie