Le crocodile du Botswanga

Le crocodile du Botswanga

Leslie Konda young talented French footballer spotted in his teens by Didier , a small-scale agent who was able to take under his wing , has signed its first contract striker in a large Spanish club . At the same time, his growing reputation and its origins Botswanga , small, poor state of Central Africa, earned him an invitation by the President of the Republic in person Babimbi Bobo , a football enthusiast, freshly installed in power after a coup military state. Leslie therefore went for the first time in the country of his ancestors accompanied by Didier to be decorated by the President Bobo which quickly turns out, despite his great humanist discourse be a megalomaniac and paranoid dictator under the bad influence of his wife .dropoff window Hardly have they landed Bobo enters into a sordid deal with Didier put pressure on his player so that it plays for the national team : Crocodiles of Botswanga ...

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