Le derrière

Le derrière

Frédérique's mother has died recently leaving her the family stud farm. She's never met her father, doesn't even know his name. But she finds it on the back of an old photo. She sets off ...

Frédérique's mother has died recently leaving her the family stud farm. She's never met her father, doesn't even know his name. But she finds it on the back of an old photo. She sets off ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wrik S (ru) wrote: A good movie made to be bad!

Taylor S (kr) wrote: Makes me cry tears for my stolen childhood, and seek revenge against the bastards who stole it.

Hytham E (mx) wrote: eye-opening war film,

Floyd S (us) wrote: Huh? I watched masked and anonymous (loved the music) but haven't a clue what it was about.

Peter M (br) wrote: Obviously it's a play, and therefore probably loses something by being transferred to the screen. But boy, what a play.

Trent R (es) wrote: Shanghai Joe is more Eurowestern than Kung Fu movie, but is better than many of these cross-genre productions of the time. Joe is a typical fish in the desert, surrounded by wealthy, hostile racists. Not being one to take it from the man, he initially resorts to action of the more comic, Trinity-esque variety. However, as he learns that the law is bought and paid for this quickly escalates to some pretty graphic, X-rated eye-plucking and the like. It is not as explicit as a Fulci western, but up there at points. He progresses quickly through a series of villains of increasing sadism, including Gordon Mitchell who wisely seeks to trap and shoot him from a distance. This is where the film differs from many, in that it does not so lamely avoid the problem of an unarmed man fighting guns with martial arts. These baddies are sadists who do not fight fair, and Joe gets hurt repeatedly and resorts to some pretty spectacularly cruel tricks and direct violence to prevail. Klaus Kinski does not get enough screen time as a cutlery enthusiast and scalp collector, but makes the most of what he has. However, Chen Lee only fights an equal martial artist in the final duel. And then it is a Japanese fighter who is the surviving rival from his Chinese temple but who for some reason sports a topknot and kimono. He nonetheless wields a classical Chinese jian sword, but inexplicably uses it as a slashing weapon. The, "Aim for the heart, or you'll never stop me" line from Fistful is shamelessly ripped off to decent effect. If you want to see this, look for the superior Geman dvd under the proper title Il Mio Nome E Shangai Joe/My Name Is Shanghai Joe. The Bruno Nicolai score is recycled, but is still a good one. It's worth a look, and is better than many such flicks.

Brad S (gb) wrote: I first saw this in theatres. not a great movie but Wilder/Pryor have great chemistry and make it fun to watch. it's also an early role for Kevin Spacey. Give it a try!

Zach L (gb) wrote: Brosnan in a spaghetti western type movie of 2000s

Rangan R (nl) wrote: How do you define a parenting failure!The film was based on the book of the same name, directed by a Scottish director. A psychological thriller, one of those what some people feel uncomfortable watching it. The film holds a suspense from the past event, it is not going to be revealed until the final quarter. Till then makes us to keep guessing it. Followed by the pieces of flashback, the story of a mother who struggled to raise his first born, a boy named Kevin was told.It takes us to show how happy she was before. Once she got pregnant, everything changed in her life forever. She failed to understand her son. Ever since he was a baby, he had given her a lot of trouble. When he reaches his teenage, it becomes even more complication to her to handle him and events around him. But a big blow is what shocks the entire neighbourhood and her life turns a hell.Shot within a month. Tilda Swinton's one of the best, maybe the best of all the bests. She should have been nominated for the Oscars. I think that's one of the greatest snub ever. The supporting cast was amazing too, including John C. Reilly in a small part and particularly those Kevins from different ages. The overall tone was great, the atmosphere was created perfectly to the kind of story it dealt.I should have watched it earlier, but you know the type of film we look for and moods, all some times influence to miss a film narrowly. Anyway, it was on my watch list and I am finally going to scratch that off. It was a good film, but there's nothing special. The theme was strong, and seems like straight out of a real event, particularly these things are common in the United States. So if you are an American or familiar with the American culture, it will interest you.This is not as inspiring film, but kind of factual film like parenting failure. The end was disturbing, yet there's nothing bold revelation in the narration. Definitely an interesting take, though blaming parents, especially the mother was kind of disappointing, as well as depressing. That's why the tale was commenced since pregnant till the final twist. Actually, it was the editing tricks that make the film to have a twist. Otherwise, it is a straightforward story. Not bad for viewing once. It was slow and too long, if you think you can manage that, then you could try it.6/10