Le franc

Le franc

A penniless, fast-thinking musician buys a lottery ticket which he glues to his back door, in hopes of eventually retrieving his instrument from his exasperating landlady. The ticket wins, ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:44 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Wolof
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:landlady,   sea,   slum,  

A penniless, fast-thinking musician buys a lottery ticket which he glues to his back door, in hopes of eventually retrieving his instrument from his exasperating landlady. The ticket wins, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ding C (gb) wrote: This movie begs the question: How do you forgive a loved one who hurt you? Do you ignore the hurt because of love? Or does it hurt even more because of your love? You will hear the word 'sorry' a lot of times in this film that sometimes it becomes useless and overused but then oftentimes that is all you ever mean to say to be forgiven.It takes a lot of depth for you to come up with a performance like what John Lloyd did in this movie. He certainly has the right tools to project wordless emotions to the screen and it draws you deep into his well of stored emotions and you come out of it empathizing with his character. Sarah Geronimo did her utter best to match up John Lloyd's depth, this movie wouldn't have been the success that it is without her. As the title implies .. it takes a man and a woman. A lot of flaws in the story I am very willing to ignore, be it that I was truly entertained and moved. What I do not like is how they had milked the ending too much that there was too much of a good thing, this is a typical trait of a Tagalog film.

Demi G (mx) wrote: please, PLEASE stop making letting Micheal Bay make Transformers and TMNT movies.

Rafael F (au) wrote: Bruce Campbell como Elvis >>>Day Lewis como Lincoln

RA L (it) wrote: LETTERBOX. A pesar de cunto aprecio que exista una pelcula en la que Leo Sbaraglia (buen casting) se encuere y ame a Eduardo Noriega (mal casting), esta peli no convence del todo. Es ertica, atisba a trabajar bien la psicologa de sus personajes (sobre todo de El Nene) y, por un segmento, retrata bien la situacin de enclaustramiento en que estos se encuentran... Pero, tal cual se presentan, la volatilidad y torpeza de estos tipos no los hace crebles como criminales profesionales (s, ok, est basada en una historia real)... y el final es sencillamente desastroso. / Despite my great appreciation for a movie in which Leo Sbaraglia (good casting) appears butt-naked and also loves Eduardo Noriega (bad casting), this movie is not very convincing. It is erotic, gets near exploring well the psychology of its characters (especially El Nene) and, for a while, presents well their sense of entrapment. But, as portrayed, their volatility and clumsiness makes them not very believable professional criminals (ok, yes, it is based on a true story), and the ending is plain disastrous.

RJohn X (ca) wrote: Okay. Let me get a couple things straight. This movie is going to put a bunch of monsters who steam and bubble and melt when hit with water, even the piss squirts of 1980s five and dime squirt guns, in the middle of San Francisco? Where you can get pretty soaked just from the fast moving fog that comes in every other day? Really?Secondly. Natalie has a pool in her backyard. And spends a considerable amount of part of the movie sun bathing or floating in her pool. No one in San Francisco has a backyard pool Why? Because of the fog and cold temperatures. In fact, people walk around in the summer with snow parkas on. Why? They are cold.The Manaics, themselves, have a couple creepy scenes. Especially while lurching around the battle of the bands school hallway scenes. But otherwise, are simply idiots. I guess it was an attempt to start a franchise? Either way, they need some back story, then, or at least an explanation. Not just Halloween costumes gone gooey. I am not even sure why they are Neon. Though living inside the Golden Gate bridge is sort of clever.

Aj V (it) wrote: This movie features three stories directed by three great foreign directors, and the cast features some of the best foreign actors at the time too. I really liked the stories and seeing all the different directing styles is so cool. I highly recommend this movie.