Le Gaya Saddam

Le Gaya Saddam

Munni loves Sher Khan. Sher Khan loves Munni, and so does every other man in town. They get married, but her notorious flirting causes a quick divorce. In order to remarry each other, they ...

Munni loves Sher Khan. Sher Khan loves Munni, and so does every other man in town. They get married, but her notorious flirting causes a quick divorce. In order to remarry each other, they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eduardo D (ag) wrote: I'm giving this a positive review with that hopes that Holmes will take on more roles like this. She played the juxtaposition between goodie-toochie and badass quite convincingly. Too bad the movie couldn't find it's tone, otherwise this would've been amazing. Still, had a lot of fun watching it.

Joshua F (fr) wrote: I had high hopes for this one. Of course I should have known better; the movie stars Jamie Kennedy!

Shawn H (es) wrote: This was just not great at all. I lost intrest within the first 15 minutes.

Jennifer M (ru) wrote: Ugh - my kids just watched this on tv and it was pretty bad. The boy in the starring role was SO bad. The whole movie was hammy and don't even get me started on Daniel Stern's overacting.

j b (ag) wrote: Ty Webb just warming up

Van R (jp) wrote: Writer & director Tom Laughlin's contemporary melodrama BILLY JACK qualifies as a flawed but provocative film. The cult history of this epic and its success at the box office don't prepare us for what we wind up. Initially, "Billy Jack" looked like a Charles Bronson revenge movie without Bronson. Here's a brave, resourceful fellow who is half-white and half-Native American. He lives on a reservation, and he practices a bizarre form of martial arts called hapkido. Billy Jack saves a herd of horses from being massacred and manufactured into dog food. He is courting the defiant but plain-Jane looking Jean Roberts (Delores Taylor) who operates a 'Freedom School' on the reservation. The abused daughter of a local lawman takes refuge in the school. Meantime, the chief villain's degenerate son rapes Roberts, and an angry Billy Jack goes after them. The skits that the school practices could have been left on the editing room floor. Basically, despite an occasion close-quarters combat scene, BILLY JACK is both crude but entertaining nonsense.

Sheila C (fr) wrote: Classic John Wayne shoot-em up western with wry humor

Trey D (fr) wrote: meanwhile in Czechoslovakia,

Private U (au) wrote: It's like old-school James Bond on crack/cocaine. There's a fabulous action scene on a life-size chess board.

Harpreet S (ca) wrote: This was made after the success of "You'll Never Get Rich." It's set in South America where a father wants to get his four daughters married by their age from oldest to youngest. The oldest gets married, but the second oldest played by Rita Hayworth is very picky; her two younger sisters want her to get married because they themselves are very desperate. The main plot is the father writing love letters to Rita and sending flowers as an anonymous lover so if Rita falls in love, he will later find a guy for her to get married. By accident, Fred Astaire ends up delivering the flowers to their house, and that's where the fun begins. Very much like the first film, few of Hayworth's expressions are somewhat artificial, she is not nearly as good as in the other films I've seen, but she is always charming. The song and dance routines are a joy to watch. "Cover Girl" is still my favorite of the musicals I've seen of Rita Hayworth because I get to see her in color and I think its dance numbers are more creative. I prefer this film over "You'll Never Get Rich." I'm excited to see more of Fred Astaire!

Cattera Y (ru) wrote: Horrible BossesGreat mixture of nasty comedy, grand cast, and clever twist

Alejandro E (br) wrote: Rocking 70s aussie comedy about how making real your dreams without quit of being yourself.Deserves a chance

Andrea M (fr) wrote: Meh. It was okay, but what I really took from this was the time-frame that it was released.