Le job

Le job


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Thomas B (ag) wrote: The Battlestar team add some more twists and turns. Full review later.

Ralph R (kr) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

Geoff C (jp) wrote: the slogan to the movie should read "U-Watch U-Die!"

jeremy w (us) wrote: successfully represents the regrettable moments in a teenagers life, and surrounds it with good music and an amazing performance from Craig T. Nelson. It's actually one of the most effective hs football drama's ever made... right there with Remember the TItans imho even though this one gets an undeserved bad rap... probably because it stars Cruise.

Mark B (us) wrote: the plot is pretty silly and the death scenes are even sillier.. but somehow i enjoyed it .

Kayleigh G (jp) wrote: Kay Kendall is fabulous! She is the highlight of the movie. If you are interested, her biography is very interesting.

Roh J (es) wrote: Good! I love the soundtrack of this movie.