Le lit de la vierge

Le lit de la vierge


30 year old child enters the new city, riding on a donkey. He says he is the Savior. He has spent no time among men. He is trembling with cold. His clothes are soaked. His mother was overprotective ; his father conspicuously absent. He knows that he must face the mockery, refusal, ignorance and blindness of the men around him. They travel in gangs, in large numbers : soldiers, mercenaries or the like, on majestic, imposing horses. Everything is out of proportion to his thin, bewildered, innocent body ; he is the madman of the new city... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aline D (es) wrote: Didn't finish it... I feel like half a star is already too much!

James G (kr) wrote: wonderfully creative, beautifully shot, pretty good drama

Gautam A (nl) wrote: akki u culd evn rock more ths film........but no worrys u r great.....u r god.........

Roland M (au) wrote: Do u like Jackie Chan, and the way he thrives for the best takes he could get. Do u like Formulaic movies? I think this one's for you, assuming you like how entertaining he presents every single act, and the moves he had managed to pull. with all the rythmic timing and all.

Thumper G (fr) wrote: I love mathew perry in FRIENDS!!

T E (kr) wrote: Great movie. This shows what Stallone can do in films

Ian C (gb) wrote: A quality sequel. Frankenheimer takes over the reigns as Popeye goes hell bent for revenge.

Byron B (au) wrote: Let's try this again. A review I wrote earlier seems to have been lost. An Atheist hero is rare. Dracula (Lee) fights the Catholic church more explicitly. One priest (Hooper) becomes a Renfield-like character. The Monsignor (Davies) is stronger willed, but brings Dracula's revenge on his family. The Monsignor's niece Maria (Carlson) is the vampire's main target. Maria is secretly dating Paul (Andrews), who identifies as an Atheist. Zena (Ewing) is a flirty barmaid, who works with Paul. The two ladies are quite attractive in the classic one is innocent and one is wild fantasy. Paul becomes the main hero rushing to save Maria and the thrills and performances are fairly good. I think this is the Hammer Dracula film that had a weird rainbow filter effect framing Dracula at times. I didn't like this effect. And after Paul has worked so hard to rescue Maria, it was a little disappointing that faith still saves the day.

Madison N (ca) wrote: Quite risqu for its times, really. Regarding the portrayal of lawyers, it was a bit stereotypical and superficial. That said, a fun film.

Nate T (ag) wrote: How can you go wrong with Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing?

Movie F (au) wrote: I absolutely loved this film. Harrison Ford was the perfect choice to play as the president and Gary Oldman was a great choice to play the main villain. This also brings one of my favorite quotes "Get Off my plane!!". Overall Air Force One is a great popcorn action/thriller.