Le Mans Phenomenon

Le Mans Phenomenon


  • Category:Documentary
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Adolf Zika
  • Writer:Adolf Zika (screenplay)

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Le Mans Phenomenon torrent reviews

stefano l (jp) wrote: This movie is surely very interesting for a lot of things, but mainly because it shows that is possible to make a good/great scifi with low budgets and without throwing everything into an action movie. But I think I also have lost some (small) points, that could hide some (bigfer) plot holes (like for example the death of one of the crew members).

Alex C (gb) wrote: Warning: contains montages. Watching a bunch of dwarfs try to play basketball makes me feel ashamed of myself. It seems more cruel than funny. Oh, and Dennis Rodman can't act.

I am n (de) wrote: Un film PARISIEN avec un grand P sur Paris, ralis par un amoureux de Paris avec des acteurs Parisiens, des effets spciaux Parisiens, des dialogues Parisiens, au lyrisme Parisien aux accents Parisiens en hommage au cinma Parisien, la nouvelle vague Parisienne, aux amis des Parisiens,tout en faisant l'loge la culture Parisienne ... Et pas du tout MASTURBATOIRE, AUTO-COTEMPLATISME et NOMBRILISTE !!! Christophe Honor m'avait fait esprer le renouveau du cinma Franais avec " Ma Mre" et m'a compltement dsenchant avec celui-ci, en rejoignant les rangs des nombreux cinastes Franais mdiocres. L'unique petite toile est attribue Guy Marchand (toujours impeccable) et la beaut mature de Marie-France Pisier.

Amanda A (ca) wrote: entertaining...cute. good to watch once...not a repeat movie, though. however, i'm ready to go to the bahama now. :)

Scott C (mx) wrote: Man, I barely remember this.

Jason D (es) wrote: Special Effects is the story of a runaway wife Zoe Lund (infamous writer/actress who's notorious for her role in Ms. 45 and her writing of Bad Lieutenant!) whose an actress-wannabe in New York City trying to make it big until husband Brad Rijn tracks her down and forces her to watch videos of their beautiful son. Eager to get away, she concocts a story of being in the next Chris Neville film. Neville (played nicely by Eric Bogosian) is a once major director who has completely bombed and fled to NYC in an attempt to make his comeback film. Lund talks her way into Neville's house, then bed until she catches him trying to film their sexual escapade, to which she verbally tears him apart, which ends in her murder. He covers it up and the husband gets pinned for it, but Neville is so fascinated that he wants to make a movie surrounding the death, which he talks the husband into starring in alongside his wife's doppelganger (also played by Lund). The two spark up a relationship despite Bogosian's evil intentions. The end result of this movie has genuinely left me confused. The story is fantastic and iconic writer/director Larry Cohen (It's Alive franchise, Phone Booth, etc) does an exceptional job making this film, but why was it just ok? I'm thinking that maybe the entire cast, save for Bogosian and Lund's second character were overall intolerable. Despite the story have many textured layers to it, there are a lot of choppy and awkward parts that don't play out well throughout. This may be one of those films that requires multiple viewings to get an actual appreciation and understanding for. A great incite into the movie business. Not bad, but better served being viewed more than once to fully grasp.

STCENTERPRISE (ru) wrote: This was a great movie, Great score, acurate, shows a lot of history, & was so great that I brought in in for American History classes. I've got it on DVD. Jerry Goldsmiths scores are the best!

Cooper H (ca) wrote: Blazing Saddles is a wonderful spoof on Westerns and a satire to Hollywood in general. Mel Brooks doesn't pull any punches and has a number of memorable gags. Some last too long, but just barely detract from the film's overall quality.

Jens T (mx) wrote: Glauber Rocha's Black God, White Devil is the story about the poor peasant Manuel who just have shot his landlord for trying to cheat Manuel of his earnings and have no other choice than to flee along with his pregnant wife Rosa . In their journey they come across a religious sect with a self proclaimed prophet who makes Manuel kill his first born son, it then ends up with Rosa killing the prophet, and Manuel and Rosa is once again on the run. Then they join a christian outlaw gang. The bounty hunter, Antonio das Mortes is hired by the catholic church to take these outlaws down, once and for all.Black God, White Devil is a part of the Latin American movement called "Cinema Novo" (New Cinema) which is a wave that was heavily influenced by the Italian neorealism, in that way that it's focusing on the poor conditions of the lowest in the society, which apposes the old fashion Latin American cinema with all it's Hollywood, like melodramas and musicals. And that's exactly what Black God, White Devil is, all it's symbolism and criticism towards the catholic church who says that "thou shall not kill", but sends out a gun men to kill people, without no forgiveness. The films most powerful scene is where das Mortes shoot down and massacres all of the prophets unarmed followers with a Winchester rifle, which might be a symbolism of what actually the Christianity has stand for the last two thousand years. I loved all the films symbolism, but I have to admit all it's symbolism, and less plot made it a little boring. But overall it's a good religious film about the dangers of religious extremism. Thumbs up.

Ian W (au) wrote: Eerie and very reminiscent of the movie Prisoners which is not bad thing. Except at times this film is just too slow and boring to take you to the next interesting part of which there are few.