Le martien de Noël

Le martien de Noël

The film tells the story of an alien from outer space who befriends two young children when he lands in a small town in Quebec.

This is a French Canadian Christmas movie for children. The martian comes to this small town in Quebec and becomes friends with the town children. He gives them smarties to get the children... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Le martien de Noël torrent reviews

Simon G (de) wrote: Greatest movie I have ever seen!

RodneyandPatty A (us) wrote: One of those oblique movies where everything is left to interpretation. What a waste on what could have been a good movie. Patty feel asleep.

Harpreet S (it) wrote: Again, Bollywood is unable to deliver a finished product. There were scenes that I thought could have been polished up more. Naseeruddin Shah, who is one of my favorite actors of all time, was completely wasted. The characters just come and go, without having any depth. Yes, I thought the film had potential, but it goes downhill starting with the revelation.? That sequence was awful, amateurish at best. The actor who played Ruth(TM)s father acting poorly, I was not convinced at all, same with Koechlin in that particular sequence. I also did not think the script was well written, the pacing was disjointed. Disappointing!

Guillaume L (de) wrote: Encore le syndrome de ces films a la francaise, qui tente de cacher les faiblesses d'un scenario derriere des artifices rythmiques. L'enquete est originale et interessante, mais tient en 45 minutes... Dommage aussi que ca soit un peu surjoue par moments...

Ben H (gb) wrote: Beautifully uncanny cinematic experience, something of a sequel to Helpless, this is a film you can fall into, with characteristically flawless performance from Asano.

ngels P (ag) wrote: What a lovely place to live...

Madori A (jp) wrote: Absolutely ADORABLE.

Corey W (au) wrote: Matt Damon plays a good prick, and you can't help but like Brendan Fraser's character.

elliott S (br) wrote: If there is a film ti define the genre of action... this is it!EPIC

Bartley M (br) wrote: Probably the best vampire western ever made.

Becs D (nl) wrote: Whilst I get why this film was a Cult Classic, I did find it lacking in storyline and was a little bored at times, the ending was sudden and I spent the first half hour thinking that Peter Fonda was Clint Eastwood.

Josh M (mx) wrote: Z is a very original and fast paced political thriller, full of surprises throughout. Greek director Costa Gravas made a depiction of an actual assination of an opposition politician in his native country, but it's shot with French actors in Algeria. This sounds strange, but it gives the film a universal almost allegorical quality which transcends both its time and its politics. What I liked about Z was its energy and drive. Its violence is perpetrated by low rent thugs with clubs as their weapons - not a knife or gun to be found. Star Yves Montand, plays a physician who leads the political opposition, mostly from an anti-nuclear bomb angle. He's assasinated in the first third of the movie, which is a similar effect to Janet Leigh's early shower demise in Psycho. It's a shock and you wonder which character can possibly emerge as a protagonist. In this case, it's an unforgettable Jean Louis Trintignant, as a enigmatic, delving state prosecutor, you are unaware what side he's on, till he reveals his hand at the end. What's truly unique about Z's perspective (which is Marxist, but don't let this be a deterrent to enjoying the film) is how it shows the underclass manipulated through arms length control by the junta to doing the bidding of the ruling class. I don't know when such a complex and potentially dry political analysis has been presented in such an entertaining and fresh way.Costa Gavras makes very interesting use of flashback techniques and unusual hand held camera moves to keep the film at maximum intensity. It's shot with crisp, high resolution vivid colour in sunny mediterranean tones. The film feels much shorter than its 2 hour plus running time. It has humour and passion. On the down side, the characters are presented at a cold distance, and the story is much more about the political situation than about individual lives, which are only hinted at. Greek diva Irene Pappas gives a very interesting performance as Montand's suffering wife, but we don't spend enough time with her to understand or feel her or anyone else's situation. We see her anguish and move on.Trintignant is all business, we learn nothing about him as a human being.Still, this film is one of kind. It didn't remind me of anything else I had ever seen, and for that, I recommend it heartily to all you fans of poltical thrillers. It was more original and involving than a similar recent critical success, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy which had a lot going for it but I found it overrated and dry. Get the Criterion disc, it looks awesome.

RiP M (nl) wrote: Shifts effortlessly between sobering realism and absurd flights of fancy. Beneath its comic veneer lies the anchor or real, ordinary life. Brilliant.

Mikey O (es) wrote: One of my top 10 favorites of all-time! John Patrick Shanley's award-winning script is illuminated by a better-than-stellar, Oscar-winning performance from Cher. The entire cast (down to the minor characters) are so well-played and portrayed. It's iconic!

Michael G (br) wrote: Painfully stupid. One of the most inconsistent peices of crap to surface in the toilet bowl of luc bessons incredibly shallow and one dimensional career. More scrawny empowered/tortured miraculously skilled women. Just so played out. I watched the whole movie.. mainly though so i could see if there was any chance of redemption which there wasnt. By the end of the kiddy roller coaster of baffling unrealistic shit it seemed as though there wasnt a SINGLE detail of the movie that made any sense at all..

max h (jp) wrote: Not quite there with the plot, but this might be the best performance I've seen Stallone give.

William S (jp) wrote: I have a vague recollection of enjoying this movie.