Le miserie del signor Travet

Le miserie del signor Travet

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Le miserie del signor Travet torrent reviews

Andrew J (nl) wrote: This was a slow movie but appropriate with the subject matter. Entertaining and some good twists.

Jesse O (us) wrote: Sam Rockwell is one of those guys that, just by being in a film, instantly makes it better. I just think there's something about him that brings some life to otherwise lifeless scripts. As you may have noticed by the score, this is one of this films that Rockwell gives life to and would have otherwise been a pretty bad movie without him. Though, to be fair, the film does have a pretty solid cast even if Rockwell wasn't there. It's just that they don't really play much of a part of impacting the film's quality one way or the other. But the film really isn't that good. It's fairly watchable, at best, but it feels like one of those movies that wants to be dark but it doesn't really have the balls to go all the way. It gives off the appearance that it's dark, but it's really anything but. Particularly when, at its core, in some strange way, this is meant to be a crowd-pleaser. Rockwell's character is likable enough that you want for him to change and for him to realize true 'happiness', if you can call it that, but the film has him do some pretty terrible things and yet he never suffers any consequences of his actions whatsoever. He could've still come to regret it, but it seems that no matter what Rockwell's character does, he's just gonna get away with it because that's just the way it is. And it just takes all the importance and weight out of anything that happens in the film, because you know that no one is ever gonna reap what they sow. So, why exactly, should I care about anything that happens? Like I mentioned, it gives off the appearance that it's dark but it's really anything but. It just lacks an edge and a refinement to the script that was more than necessary to make its story far more effective. It's watchable, at best, but I cannot really recommend this. Sam Rockwell's effort simply does not match the effort put in to making the script better or somewhat interesting. Can't really recommend this, though. Watch at your own risk.

Jake B (de) wrote: If I could have had the choice between having my tooth drilled without Novocain, or watching this movie again, I would go with having my tooth drilled in a new york minute.

ravenboii83 (jp) wrote: this has got to be one of the worst movies i have ever seen! bad acting, take that back, HORRIBLE ACTING!!!

Kelly Y (mx) wrote: HAHA pretty funny- Cherry Ying was pretty good in the movie-

Seth A (kr) wrote: Hadn't heard of this film but noticed it at the library. Nice true story about a man who helped changed the world for those with disabilities. Not quite a brilliant film, but a very worthwhile one.

Do O (us) wrote: Love this movie, a film manages to be joyously kooky without being forced, and pushes the plot in really clever directions.

Elyse S (us) wrote: This is my childhood and reason I ride horses

Yannis A (gb) wrote: A different side of England!

David W (ca) wrote: A true crime masterpiece, Fargo is violent, but quirky in humor with Frances McDormand as Marge "Yeah" Gunderson

Miriam G (mx) wrote: A delightful romantic comedy with a surprising amount of substance. The characters really rang true, as over and over again I found myself reminded of people I've known in real life. The movie is also good for a good many big belly laughs, too. On a sad note, though, who would have thought Maureen O'Hara would outlive John Candy?

Troy F (it) wrote: Fairly fun Disney classic about two kids with abnormal powers of telepathy who have traced their roots of origin and must stay out of the hands of greedy rich bastards who want to use them for financial means. It doesn't hold up that well, especially one flying scene with a Winnebago that just looks laughably awful, even for its time. It's still good fun from a time when children's entertainment was a little darker then how it is today.

Huw G (es) wrote: A powerful and engrossing look at the dark and cynical face of romance.

Adam W (ru) wrote: Fresh from his adventures in Mordor, Frodo turns up in London with a thick yankee accent calling football "soccer." Where he immediately meets Charlie Hunnam (who has the worst cockney accent since Dick van dijk) who also just happens to be head of West Hams hooligans. By the time Frodo starts swinging and rolling around in the gutter all credibility is gone in this charmless footy flick.

Vincent T (it) wrote: Du bon Jackie a l'ancienne comme je l'aime. Toujours aussi bon.

Troy K (br) wrote: It is a good movie, but I was expecting more from all the reviews.