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Ben W (de) wrote: Great movie! Any one in the NYC area should go check out the premiere this Friday! Im sure you will love it as much as I did!

Kameron W (jp) wrote: Something that is worth a watch. Elizabeth Olson give a great performance as an unstable cult escapee who still is uncomfortable in her return to the outside world.

Lisa Michelle A (mx) wrote: The fist Smokin' Aces film was boring. The only reason i want to see this is for Autumn Reeser, as i'm a fan of hers. Hopefully it'll be better than the first was!!!

Vincent W (kr) wrote: Alex Pettyfer sucks at acting. The lead chick (Vanessa Hudgens) was also totally boring. The only thing this film had going for it was Neil Patrick Harris. I literally watched the whole film in like 15 minutes, just stopping to snoop at the parts with Neil in it.Total muck. Avoid this.

Krishna C (nl) wrote: Something about this movie makes me want to like it so much. It sticks to the same old formula but adds a lot of its modern freshness to the mix, the result is a funny, colourful, engaging, musical film. Among my favourite Shah Rukh movies, I dont like his classic Kuch Kuch Hota Hai... I dont know its been so long since I saw that movie in the theatre and never saw it again. Probably I was not ready for it back then, time to see it again I guess! I remember this movie mostly as the debut of the beautiful Deepika Padukone...

Andrew S (ru) wrote: Derivative and forgettable overall. Take Me Home tonight may have a nice feel to it and a genuine tone of an 80s comedy but it seems to forget to make any actual jokes or do anything truly memorable.

The N (it) wrote: todo se resuelve ms fcil con un exorcismo

Stefan S (it) wrote: A must see. Marica Gay Harden has such a commanding presence on the screen. Subject Matter is a bit heavy but overall good film.

Jason E (kr) wrote: Really depressing movie, but Meryl Streep succeeds again in delivering an amazing performance. Could have done without the whole crime drama feel at times.

Richard S (br) wrote: A good detective film. Worth ordering from Netflix .

Hano H (mx) wrote: ...There is a short film also called "Three Little Words" that everyone should see.....

Devon B (ru) wrote: Alfred Hitchcock's tale of foreign intrigue and reversible windmills centers around John Jones (Joel McCrea), a maverick crime reporter whose editor feels he would be perfect to cover the burgeoning rumours of war echoing around Europe (for, he reasons, what is happening in Europe if not a crime?). Jones fits the image of the loud-mouthed American to a tee, sticking his foot into it at every wrong opportunity, but, having been a crime reporter, he knows a frame up when he sees one. Arriving in Europe, he first attends a luncheon for the Dutch diplomat Van Meer (Albert Bassermann), who is to give a speech for the Universal Peace Party (which is headed by a man named Fisher and his daughter, Carol). Later, when Van Meer is very publicly shot, Jones and the daughter team up with fellow reporter ffoliott (George Sanders) to chase down the assassin. There are some very suspenseful set pieces in the film, one of which takes place in a windmill, and another onboard a transcontinental flight. Both could be considered Hitchcock's 'signature' on the film, they are unmistakeably 'Hitchcockian'. However, it's the performances in the film, with McCrea's brashness and Sanders' suaveness, and even the scene-stealing performance of Edmund Gwenn (Kris Kringle from "Miracle on 34th Street") as a dangerous hitman, that make this film really great. All the espionage is wrapped up with a rousing call to defend the last bastion of liberty as the world pulls inexorably towards self-destruction. Every element of this film is masterfully done, and it is so much more than just a suspense film, the only way it could've lost the academy award in 1941 was to another Hitchcock film released the same year (that being "Rebecca"). If I had one complaint, it's that Alfred Newman's film score doesn't always jibe with what's taking place onscreen. It's a small complaint for a great film.

Jesse K (it) wrote: 3.5/5 Ginger Snaps has plenty to enjoy, including some wonderful performances from the two leads and some gleefully dark humour. However, the film tends to drag towards the climax.

Samuel S (us) wrote: A fun movie that tells you to emrace your differences and to be yourself, the movie has a good message and adventurous story to accompany. The animation is superb and the characters and dance numbers are great. A fun film for all ages

Salah A (nl) wrote: Despite Shailene's good performance, 'Insurgent' has very poor writing, obvious plot holes, and the rest of the cast seem as if they did not want to be there.

Sandy C (gb) wrote: gimme a break. this is comic book or video game based, right? aimed at horndog geeks who take it for granted that the female lead would of course always dress in PVC/latex.