Le nuove comiche

Le nuove comiche

It's an amazing film,I Say only this!

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Le nuove comiche torrent reviews

Arun K (ca) wrote: Funny, interesting stories, great acting.. sound track was great too...

kristopher A (ag) wrote: Loved it excellent movie

Ema D (ru) wrote: Really wasn't a good movie, but it kept my attention most of the time. I liked the character of Katya, although she is an extremely unlikable person.

Gloria C (gb) wrote: love this movie want to own it '-)

Luciano G (gb) wrote: The acting and filming are OK, it's just a good little G-rated movie..... what I found most interesting are seeing Michael Douglas in his 20s and Jodie Foster about 8 or 9 when the filming was done, and mentally comparing that to their mega-star status today...

Stephanie P (br) wrote: i think it's amazing that a love story about trapeze artists wasn't a ginormous blockbuster.

Aaron J (ag) wrote: There are tons of "Paranormal Activity wannabes", and this film is one of them. The difference though is, Paranormal Activity was deemed as "original" when it was released, while this movie is deemed as "cliched."

Alden S (ag) wrote: 10 out of 10:Intense action, a great story, and a bit of nostalgia from older Bond movies, Skyfall ranks as one of the greatest Bond film.

Dustyn A (it) wrote: An incredible performance by Denzel Washington is undercut by a story that just misses the mark. Training Day is a good movie that just falls short of greatness.

Chris B (au) wrote: A very underrated film, the critics messed up on this one. Denzel Washington is seriously outstanding. Ethan Hawke is great as well. They bounce off each other great. Training Day is a really good crime action thriller. Fantastic job by Antoine Fuqua.

Oremo O (it) wrote: Usually i would watch an entire movie before giving it a rating. However I have to make an exception here. I loved Dazed and Confused and welcomed a similar movie set in the 80s. But this movie was hard to watch. It was biring, it was juvenile, the plot drags on without goijg anywhere. and the characters weren't even remotely interesting. Even when there was what supposed to be meaningful it was just meaningless drunken drunken style conversatiin. If you have ever wondered what it was like when you leave 8 guys in a frat house and force them to kill time this is the movie for you. But if you are looking for something that is entertaining, thought provoking or generally wirth 2 hours of your life then avoid this movie at all cost.