Le ombre rosse

Le ombre rosse

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Alec M (ag) wrote: occasionally amusing but mostly boring, uninvolving mesh; doesn't work and doesn't take itself seriously. the actors try

Jared G (jp) wrote: It's not excruciatingly bad, but it IS bad. This movie can't seem to decide if it's a bad horror film or just an E.T. rip-off.

bill s (jp) wrote: A popcorn flick with a wide grin towards the audience.Very enjoyable action adventure that never takes itself seriously.

Meagan H (gb) wrote: It's called a dark comedy and I will agree. The chemistry between the actors in this movie are amazing, the dialogue is natural and I really liked it! (And I just discovered that you can rate 1/2 stars, so I did!)

Elise C (fr) wrote: Cute, but also quite depressing film. I don't know if this film was aimed at mainly families or adults only. I think its themes would be too mature for young children, not to mention heartbreaking. I know if I had seen it when I was a child, it would probably emotionally scar me lol. It's a nice sentimental film and if you're a dog lover, prepare for the waterworks.

Gavin M (it) wrote: Edward Zwick's best film in my opinion. He really shows his craft as a director in this movie and the cast is superb. From Brad Pitt to Anthony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn, to Julia Ormond, the whole cast is at the top of their game, a truly wonderful and emotional movie.

Addison L (ag) wrote: saw it as a child and wouldn't mind revisiting it

Rachel G (fr) wrote: I love that movie!!!!

Tibor B (gb) wrote: A Clint Eastwood Western with a lighter touch, with Clint playing his usual persona and Shirley Maclaine as a rather irritating nun, who turns out to be a prostitute. Shot on location in Mexico, giving it an authentic hot and sweaty look, the film is directed by Don Siegel with slick efficiency, but after the initial novelty of Clint getting wound up, then turned on by, a nun the actual action climax is a bit dull and forgettable.

James H (ru) wrote: This is an entertaining film, but rather average for a Bob Hope film. It is not up there with The Paleface films. Rhonda Fleming is bland, the jokes are not always that good but it is well produced and there are enough good things to keep the viewer happy.

Michal G (es) wrote: Un film de fantastique action assez sympathique, mais qui n'apporte aucune ide neuve. A voir un soir de pluie quand il n'y a rien d'autre.

William K (it) wrote: Another Cagney gangster classic from Warner Bros.

Jane M (kr) wrote: i like how they drink all the time-