Le party

Le party

At a maximum security prison, there is preparation for the annual party where entertainers and strippers are scheduled to perform. But not everyone is having fun. A man is sent to solitary,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisa B (kr) wrote: Great movie! Corbin Allred is such a believable actor. I loved how the movie was subtle in getting across our beliefs. I know Corbin is in school at this time but I hope we get to see lots more of him!!

Kristal C (ru) wrote: Seriously one of the most joyous movie-going experices I've had in a long time. This film perfectly walks the line between a love letter to John Hughes films and a satire of the teen movie genre. Hilarious, sweet and so much fun.

Una R (ca) wrote: A good documentary about they might be giants

Rhonda S (de) wrote: The 3rd hobbit is the best!

April V (ru) wrote: A great and sad movie! It had me n tears! Loved it! 4 and a half stars!

Lee M (nl) wrote: Between a 6/10 and 7/10, A gentle, pleasantly unrushed piece of moviemaking. There's a tonic simplicity to how it gets the job done, and if the film comes off as fairly conventional stuff, it nevertheless succeeds on its own modest, middlebrow terms.

Luciano G (au) wrote: Dacascos obviously is a talented martial artist, more so than Van Damme or Seagal......and yet -as luck or fate would have it- never achieved even their level of success.....ironic that he's probably better known from a cooking show than from what he does best. Kick ass....... ahh well, life has a sense of humor.....all I can say for Alien Agent is that it would be a good one to watch on TV or rent, especially for sci-fi fans...........

Rahul S (de) wrote: Probably one of the best movie made on extermities defence forces gores thru and the 'wars' they face within the country.

Branden D (nl) wrote: An insanely entertaining B movie, and Tom Sizemore is a fun actor to watch. He portrays the despicable scumbag character perfectly here. Daniel Baldwin, much like Sizemore in this film, does a good job of playing another sleazy character. Cole Hauser is an underrated actor who is fantastic in the lead role, while the beautiful Robin Tunney delivers a good performance as his wife. This film is nothing more than a simple B movie, but it's a lot of fun and never boring. I love the way it portrays the paparazzi because I've always found them to be despicable individuals so I enjoyed watching Hauser gain his revenge on the them in this film. If every well known actor was like Hauser in this film then there wouldn't be any god damn paparazzi. This is a film worth seeing and it's entertaining as all hell, just don't take it too seriously. Sizemore's wickedly fun performance alone makes this film worth seeing.

Branden W (nl) wrote: Dario Argento proves time and time again, that he is uniquely qualified to probe the deepest waters of the mysterious; another accursed mystery in his distinctly unique style. As in most Argento films of the 80s, Phenomena takes place in an all-girl's academy, starring a young Jennifer Connelly, who upon meeting the famous entomologist Dr. MacGregor, begins deepening her knowledge of phenomena, of ESP regarding insects, or "communication among insects." Phenomena is formidably creepy, all the way up to its climactic conclusion, in typical Argento fashion. Despite Suspiria's massive cult following, this is Dario Argento at his very best.

Li K (us) wrote: 31% of critics liked it? I'm totally going on blind faith on this one

Michael W (ru) wrote: Three Detroit auto workers, tired of shabby treatment by management and union, get in over their head when they orchestrate a small heist of union funds which uncovers evidence of union corruption. Pryor, Keitel and Kotto are all outstanding, especially Pryor whose effortless charisma shines through in simple scenes such as watching the Jeffersons and complaining about his broken locker. Filmed in the Motor City, where the working man drank Stroh's.

Stefanie C (jp) wrote: Delightfully campy and satirical!

Bruno V (nl) wrote: Just a layback relax action-drama movie , find them killers of those woman en kill them. No real car-shacings or so . Bon

Thaddaeus D (mx) wrote: this film was a very funny comedy about love and what we do to accomplish it

Takee A (fr) wrote: Very entertaining! This was a brilliant movie which had some really good messages and a deep level of emotions & Feelings to offer to it's audience."Cars" may be 11 years old as of 2017, but it's still an enjoyable & worthwhile watch.

Carole T (ag) wrote: Oh dear. Poorly acted, a terrible script and one of the most cringey scenes I've ever seen with Jamie Lee Curtis doing her "striptease".

Dwayne M (it) wrote: If anyone doubts farrah's ability to as an actress;they haven't seen this film.Very good story about what someone might do for revenge.